10 Popular Window Air Conditioners Brands in India 2023

It has become almost impossible to withstand the scorching summers without a proficient air conditioner at home. If you are planning to purchase a new ac for your use, there are plenty of models available for you to choose from.

Generally, window air conditioners are more cost-effective than Split ACs. It helps you save a huge chunk of money in the long run. To help you make a prudent purchase decision, here are some of the top 10 popular window air conditioner brands in India in 2023. Read to know more!


Voltas is among the top window air conditioner brand. This company is known for its quality products. It is among the most reputed AC brand in the Indian market. This company offers you a wide variety of window air conditioners that you can choose from according to your requirements and needs. The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC 183CYA/183 CZP, is one of the best models that you can consider purchasing for your home. 


LG is one of the best AC companies in India. This company offers you a wide range of window air conditioners with a variety of designs, capacities, and prices. Additionally, it offers you various eco-friendly ACs with Green R32 refrigerant. These ACs also have smart features like; Auto Clean, 3D Air Flow, Gold Fin Condenser, Anti-bacterial Filter, etc. LG comes with the most innovative features that are quite popular in the Indian market. 


Anyone finding a new ac with premium features should buy a Daikin window air conditioner. It is a top leading AC brand that provides you with high-quality ACs with strong and reliable performance. The price of Daikin window air conditioners is a bit high, but they are trusted and advanced. This brand is recognized for its exceptional after-sales services, it attracts Indian consumers and makes it a top window AC brand in the Indian market.


Hitachi is among the most popular AC brand in India. The ACS of this brand is loaded with top features, designs, and powerful machines. Additionally, it offers you efficient, durable, and stylish window air conditioners. This brand is a good choice for all types of people, whether they are finding it for home or the workplace. Further, Hitachi ACs are suited to every kind of consumer need.


Carrier is one of the trusted window air conditioner brands in the Indian market. This company has a wide variety of window AC models in the budget-friendly price range. It is a widely recognized AC company; it offers excellent products as well as fine after-sales service. Additionally, Carrier ACs are a good choice because of their reliability, durability, and features.

O General

Are you finding a new ac that belongs to the most trusted brand in the Indian market? Try O General window air conditioner. This AC brand is known to deliver efficient and reliable ACs. It is among the most popular brands that offer a wide variety of ACs. You can select your suitable AC in your preferred size, capacity, design, and BEE rating. Additionally, O General window air conditioners are easy to use and ideal for small, medium, and large size of rooms, according to capacity.


Whirlpool is one of the perfect AC brands for Indian consumers. This brand offers you a window air conditioner with some of the kind features and technology. Whirlpool window air conditioners are also efficient, durable, and have supreme designs. They are the best choice for all types of AC buyers.

Blue Star

Blue Star is a budget-friendly AC brand in India. It offers you a quality product at a low price with impeccable features. This brand offers you a 4-in-1 Convertible Cooling Mode, Comfort Sleep, Turbo Cool, Dust Filter, Self-Diagnosis, and many other features.

Blue Star window air conditioners are also environmentally friendly and require low maintenance, making them the best among all. The Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC WFA318LN is one of the coolest variants you can get for your home. 


Everyone who is finding creatively designed high-end window air conditioners should try the Godrej brand. This brand offers you a wide variety of ACs that matches your room or office. They are the best new ACs with everything that you or a modern Indian buyer look for.


Panasonic is a perfect brand that offers you budget-friendly superior window air conditioners. Their ACs are available with several smart features like; Auto Convertible, Voice Control, Customized Sleep Profiles, Wi-Fi Air Conditioner and works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa. If you are looking for a new ac, you can purchase the Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC CW-XN182AM which is known for its amazing functionality. 

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