Your Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining an Indian Visa from Belgium

Are you eagerly planning your next adventure to the incredible land of India, but feeling a little overwhelmed by the visa application process? Fret not, wanderlust seeker! We have got you covered with our comprehensive guide on obtaining an Indian visa from Belgium. From navigating the paperwork maze to understanding the different types of visas available, we’re here to simplify and streamline your journey towards that dreamy Indian escapade. So pack your bags and let’s embark on this exciting voyage together!


What is an Indian Visa?

Belgium is a popular destination for Indian tourists. In fact, it is the third most popular country for Indian tourists after the United States and UK.

To obtain an Indian visa, you will need to complete the following steps:

1) Apply online on the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

2) Complete a visa application form. The form can be downloaded from the website.

3) Print out your completed form and bring it with you to your appointment at the embassy or consulate.

4) Make an appointment by calling (03) 2230 0000 or visiting their website.

5) Arrive at your appointment well-prepared with all of your required documentation including your passport photo, visa application form, and bank statement/statement of income if applicable. If traveling with children, you will also need to provide proof of child’s identity and citizenship (ie birth certificate, passport).

6) Pay the visa fee in cash or by credit card when you arrive at the embassy or consulate. The fee is typically EUR 60 for a single-entry visa and EUR 120 for a multiple-entry visa (for stays up to six months). You may also be able to pay by debit card if you have obtained a prepaid visa card from one of Belgium’s leading banks before making your visit. Please note that some consulates may accept different payment methods; please call ahead to confirm which method is accepted in advance of Indian Visa from Austria


How to Apply for an Indian Visa from Belgium?

If you are planning to travel to India, or if you are an Indian citizen looking to visit your relatives or friends in Belgium, you will need to apply for a visa. This guide outlines the steps required to obtain a visa from Belgium.

The first step is to determine whether you require a tourist visa or a business visa. If you are visiting family or friends, a tourist visa is likely sufficient. If you are traveling for business purposes, however, you will likely require a business visa.

Next, gather all of the necessary documents. You will need your passport and your flight ticket to India (if applicable). You will also need proof of accommodation and income (if applicable). Bring copies of all of the documents that you submitted to the Belgian embassy or consulate.

To apply for a Belgian visa, contact the Belgian embassy in your home country. The embassy will require paperwork and fees in addition to your passport and flight ticket. Expect to pay around $60 USD for a tourist visa and around $160 USD for a business visa.


What are the Requirements for an Indian Visa from Belgium?

Belgium is one of the Schengen countries, which means that Indian citizens are able to travel visa-free to Belgium for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. To be eligible for a Belgian visa, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a valid passport and visa from your home country.
  • You must have enough money to support yourself while in Belgium.
  • You must not be infected with tuberculosis.
  • You must not have any criminal records in your home country or in Belgium.


What are the Costs associated with an Indian Visa from Belgium?

Belgium is one of the European Union countries that have a visa waiver program for Indians. The following are the steps you need to take in order to obtain an Indian visa from Belgium:

– Pack your passport with your application forms, two recent passport-sized photos, and the fee payment slip.

– Make an appointment at the Belgian embassy or consulate in India. Note that if you are applying online, you will need to provide your passport number and date of birth as well as your email address and phone number. You will also be required to pay a processing fee via bank transfer. Appointments can be made up to six months in advance.

– Attend your appointment and provide all of the necessary documentation. If you are applying online, you will also need to upload copies of all of the documents submitted with your application.

– After completing the application process, you will receive a letter confirming your application and inviting you to attend a medical examination if required. If everything is in order, expect to receive notification within three months of submitting your application that your visa has been approved or denied.



Belgium is a great place to obtain an Indian visa, and this comprehensive guide has helped you understand everything you need to know in order to apply. Whether you are already in Belgium or planning on arriving soon, read through this guide so that you can make the process as smooth as possible. We want to help make your dream of traveling to India a reality, so don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or concerns that remain. Thank you for choosing our website as your source for information on obtaining an Indian visa!


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