Why Should You Use Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen?

Kitchen is the powerhouse or the heart of a home. While cooking and washing, people spend half of their day in a cooking room. So, don’t you think you should enjoy the work by beautifying the kitchen with glass splashbacks? When we talk about the interior design of a kitchen, the materials play an important role. Get a shining and glossy kitchen by choosing the splashbacks.

What Do You Know about Glass Splashbacks for the Kitchen? 

If you are finding the trendy alternative to traditional kitchen tiles, then kitchen splashbacks are the right choice. The glass splashback is made of tough glass, which is durable and heat resistant. You can use them in the area behind the sink or hob. They can protect the walls from splashes, scratches, and food stains. They are easy to clean and low-maintenance.

When you talk about the interior of the kitchen, the popularity of splashbacks is increasing day by day. You will get the modern and sleek look that can update the appearance of your kitchen. People don’t use traditional tiles in their kitchen nowadays. Splashbacks don’t need grouting. You can maintain the hygiene of your kitchen with the help of this modern investment.

Advantages of Using Kitchen Splashbacks

Give a luxurious look to a mundane kitchen in your house by installing glass splashbacks in your kitchen. Manage the home improvement in a cost-effective way by choosing the splashbacks. The design is stylish, modern, plain, and easy to clean. Take a look at some benefits of kitchen splashbacks:

Enhance Visual Appeal of the Kitchen

Glass can allow highlighting the beautiful aspects of a kitchen. Your kitchen will look straight and aesthetic with the splashbacks.

Get Reflection with Glass

Give a modern, fresh, and clean look to your kitchen with natural light from the glass reflection. Avoid using fluorescent bulbs or synthetic light when you are getting natural light. The light from the glass can help in saving energy with the natural light filter in your kitchen. An luminous kitchen always looks positive and inviting.


Create a Homely Ambience

Get a homely and fresh feel in your kitchen with the bright ambience. Get rid of the warm or cozy space and enjoy a delicious meal after your hectic day.

Make Space in Your Kitchen

Glass kitchen splashbacks provide a homely and fresh environment. If you have a small apartment and small space in the kitchen, try to act tricky. The glass splashback helps in reflecting light and making your kitchen wide and spacious.

Get Trouble-Free Installation

It sounds much, but the installation process of the kitchen splashbacks is easy. You can customize the size and shape by cutting it in your own way. Find an expert kitchen designer like Henderson Glass Warehouse who can help you in installing the glass splashback without any hassles.

Customize Easily

Create a bespoke kitchen by using glass splashback. You will get a range of colours and designs with the splashbacks. Get versatility with glass material that has customized style.

Scratch and Heat Resistant

Try to choose good-quality glass splashbacks that are scratch and heat resistant. You should select tough safety glass for your splashback. You can maintain the splashback for a long time if you choose the right glass that can stand high temperature.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Glass is easy to clean and maintain. You can use a piece of paper or cloth to clean the glass splashback. There are no edges like tiles. You need to wipe away the liquid spills and food particles with a wet cloth.

Get the Availability of Colours

You can choose a multi-coloured and vibrant kitchen with the splashbacks. In the case of kitchen tiles, you won’t get the variety.

Easy Replacement Process

The glass splashbacks are always easy to install. Moreover, you may replace the kitchen style without any difficulty.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Don’t worry about the durability, if you choose the right quality splashback from a proper place. It is long-lasting if maintained properly. Moreover, it is easy to maintain.

Different Types of Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

You may get various types of glass splashbacks in your kitchen. Every splashback has its own features and benefits. The standard glass is the popular selection with elegant and simple look. You will get the elegance with the range of colours from the neutral to the bright and bold shades. Here are some glass splashbacks:

Coloured Glass Splashback

You can choose a specific colour in the design of your kitchen. Glass splashbacks have a range of light and dark colours that match the existing decor and create a bold statement with contrasting shade.

Printed Glass

The printed glass is one of the great options with aesthetic pattern and design. You may choose from the range of neutral to bright and bold shades.

Mirror Splashback   

You can create an illusionary space with the specific functionality of the kitchen. You can reflect the natural light and make the appearance of your kitchen larger with the help of mirror splashback. For the small kitchen, these types of kitchen splashbacks make the appearance larger.

What is the Installation Process?

You can get a stylish and sleek finish that is practically easy to clean. You may easily clear the glass splashback that is based on a relatively simple process. You need to find a confident DIY enthusiast for the kitchen installation process. You may also connect with a good dealer for the set up:

Prepare the Area of the Kitchen

While starting the installation process for the new splashback of the kitchen, you must create the kitchen area. You may remove the wallpaper and existing tiles by cleaning the surface properly.

Ensure a smooth and flat wall without any lumps or bumps that interferes the glass adhesion.

Measure the Glass While Cutting

Cutting the glass is another step for installing the glass splashback. You can precisely measure the glass according to its shape and size for the specification of the kitchen.

When you order the glass, you should always choose the correct shape and size along with its type. The fragility is based on the expertise of the cutting.

Attach the Splashback on the Wall

The last step is the installation process. You can attach the glass splashback with the wall with the help of special adhesive design that bonds the glass with the wall.

You should carefully place the adhesive with the flush part of the wall. Moreover, you may apply pressure with the glass ensuring the attachment.

Look at the Safety Considerations

There are some safety considerations that you should keep in your mind such as:

  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Durability and Heat Resistance
  • Attachment of the splashback

Bottom Line

You need to remember the above factors play a vital role in choosing the glass splashbacks for your kitchen. If you want to choose this option, then you may check the wide selection.

Find the right installer who can help you set up the splashbacks in your kitchen. You may also look at the features for the set up. Always remember if you understand how to choose and set up the splashback, then it will last longer.

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