What are Printed Boxes- A Complete Guide

The Story of the Printed Box You Send It Through Mail!

The story you want to tell the people verbally may or may not work. But the visuals can do wonders. The same is the case with a custom printed box. When the printed box is made according to your choice and size, adding design will create magic.

You send a parcel to your friend when she receives it; yes, she will get a message. What is it for? They will get an idea about Christmas week. The purpose of saying all this was that presentation makes people happier and brings them to the perception.

From the Point of Evolution

How the printing came into being?From ancient times, printing has been a crucial thing. As the world has evolved, so begins the evolution of printing. Crafting onto the stones and wood and then shifting to paper printing has set its standards high.

The invention of the computer with modern printers has opened a world of possibilities. Thus uplifting printing in this digital era is the urge of the global village. Nothing can be made perfect without seeking help from history.

As the world is now changing with more advanced technologies, printing is getting up to date with this changing world.

What are Printed Boxes?


ThePrinted boxes particular kind of boxes that are designed only for your brand and differentiate your product from others. It allows you to add more technical information to the packages, enhancing credibility.

In this blog, we will discover all the critical steps involved in printing.


From the above information, printing creates hype and worth, which is getting more interest in people’s choices as they all like and appreciate it. Now we will go through the stepwise procedure of the printing process.

The details and gadgets involved in this process will be covered throughout this blog.

Where to Start? A Stepwise Guide!

From basic, the key stages involved in the printing process are the use of the right colored inks, special glues and printers are consumed. Then different printing techniques are applied according to the product type and custom printed boxes. Now let’s study the following in a bit of detail.

Types of Ink


Different types of ink are used for cardboard printing. Because of the porous nature of cardboard, standard inks don’t stick to their surface easily. That is the reason companies spend their budget on specific types of inks.

That makes the design and the print more finished on the custom-printed box. A few types of inks are mentioned below.


  • Water Based Ink

The composition of water-based inks is also the same (pigment and resin) but with some extra water. The water in this ink dilutes it to spread evenly on the cardboard. These types of inks work well with milk cartons.

  • Solvent Based Ink

These inks include particular pigments that can easily stick to the cardboard surface. It has pigment and resins that bind together, thus giving a long-lasting and strong shade.

  • Oil Based Inks

Oil-based inks work well with corrugated boxes and are typically used for barcodes and other important packaging.

  • UV Based Inks

As the name highlights, UV dries the UV rays, thus giving a brighter appearance. People use this type of ink for advertising and colourful packaging.

Colours of Inks

  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (CMYK)

The basic set of colours is included in the printing process because they give a vibrant and catchy look to the viewers. That is why it appears more excellent and brighter on the printed boxes.

  • Black and White

Black and white printing is a traditional and favourite choice of companies. They prefer using white shades because it sticks well and gives an elegant look . Hence its stands out as an excellent choice for the packaging.


Different kinds of printers are specialised for the types of cardboard.

Some of them are listed below

  • Jumbo Flexo 2-Color

It can create a variety of designs. It has the following features

  • Two colour supporter
  • It has a large format size 
  • Hycorr 7-Color

It can print the boxes on a more advanced level with high-quality graphics in significant volumes.It is capable of the following features


  • UV capable
  • State art of ink matching and manufacturing

Methodologies Applied

As the printing itself is a creative and deep process, they are applied according to the different types of custom printed boxes. New methods have been introduced into the marketplace to ensure the credibility and status of printed boxes. 

Here are three types of printing processes. Let’s go through each in detail.


  • Highspeed Digital Printing


It is the most modern and advanced form of printing. The design you want to print on your box is sent as a PDF file or image and subjected onto the cardboard using digital machines. In the high-speed digital printing process, there is no need to use plates, rollers etc, only technology.

This type is highly beneficial for making posters, signs, newsletters and menus. The most significant advantage is that it is budget-friendly. It works well with cardboard printing.


  • Flexographic Printing


Flexography is the most popular kind of printing process. It uses the methodology of quick-drying ink so that your printed box is designed rapidly. It uses printing plates that quickly transfer your logo, designs and images onto the cardboard.

It is highly suitable for food packaging, labels, gift wraps and is very rapid, versatile and cost-effective. The drawback is that it is less advanced than other types because it does not support bold colours and cutting-edge designs.

  • Lithographic Printing


Lithographic printing is also known as offset printing and is the most realistic kind. It can protect the substrate in a large number of copies. The process involved in this is using aluminium plating, a mixture of oils and water.

When the lithographic print; images are subjected to blanket rollers, they transfer the exact pattern gracefully onto the cardboard. Lithographic printing can be best for photorealistic designs, books, magazines and newspapers. It has the significant advantage of printing boxes in large amounts. 

But it also has the disadvantage of being slow and cost-effective.

Go Custom; Go Creative!


One should be very creative while designing a custom-printed box with a logo. And this is the most reliable guide you can follow to clear your doubt. Go for the custom-printed boxes for wholesale, company branding with logo, etc. You can enjoy it all through the valley of creativity.

Wrap up

It is the complete guide about printed boxes and the methodologies through which they are made, so if you need a colored custom printed box, look no further and get started. We look forward to MAKING YOUR ORDERS and delivering them to you at your doorstep.

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