Uniform Acts in California Legislation

Like maximum different states, the California Legislature has sometimes enacted “uniform acts,” which might be standardized statutes which might be used some of the states to verify consistency of their provisions and the way those statutes are applied.

The next are some examples of uniform acts that exist in California’s 29 Codes:

Code of Civil Process Sections 874.311 to 874.323 – Uniform Partition of Heirs Belongings Act

Well being and Protection Code Sections 7150 to 7151.40 – Uniform Anatomical Present Act

Penal Code Sections 852 to 852.4 – Uniform Act on Contemporary Pursuit

Penal Code Phase 1334 – Uniform Act to Protected the Attendance of Witnesses from with out the State in Legal Circumstances

Penal Code Sections 11175 to 11179 – Uniform Act for Out-of-State Probationer or Parolee Supervision

Probate Code Sections 16045 to 16054 – Uniform Prudent Investor Act

Probate Code Sections 16320 to 16375 – Uniform Main and Source of revenue Act

Probate Code Sections 18501 to 18510 – Uniform Prudent Control of Institutional Budget Act

Probate Code Sections 19501 to 19530 – Uniform Accept as true with Decanting Act

Earnings and Taxation Code Sections 13801 to 13810.4 – Uniform Act on Interstate Compromise of Loss of life Taxes

Earnings and Taxation Code Sections 13820 to 13820.13 – Uniform Act on Interstate Arbitration of Loss of life Taxes

After all, there are lots of different uniform acts that exist in California legislation, however the above checklist supplies some examples to grasp one of the distinctive subjects which might be coated by means of those uniform acts some of the states.

Uniform Acts in California Legislation