Top 10 Brad Pitt Movies of All Time

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has become an icon of the film business over the course of his 30-year career, thanks to his sculpted good looks, contagious charm, and ability to play everything from violent and nefarious crooks to silly comedy relief. 

1. Thelma & Louise

A pair of drab housewives, Thelma and Louise, snuck away from their husbands on a road trip to a secluded cabin. But when they stop at a bar to dance and run into a creep who tries to rape her, she pulls out the gun she brought for protection, turning them into fugitives from the law.

This is an early role that showcases Pitt’s ability to play a character with depth rather than simply fill the frame of the screen. It also shows his growth as an actor, paving the way for roles in movies like Se7en and 12 Monkeys.

2. Snatch

After a long career of supporting roles, Pitt was given the opportunity to shine as the lead in this action-packed movie. This Andrew Dominick film available on gomovies boasts of some of the finest cinematic qualities including impeccable cinematography, lighting and sound.

Guy Ritchie’s fast-paced editing technique makes for an exciting and gripping watch. From his cool anarchist Tyler Durden in Fight Club to gibberish speaking Irish traveler Mickey O’Neil in this Guy Ritchie film, Pitt has delivered some memorable fight scenes. The upcoming release of Bullet Train further cements his status as a pure movie star.

3. Fury

After achieving heartthrob status with crowd-pleasing movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Se7en, Pitt turned away from such surefire fare in favor of more challenging roles. One such movie was Bullet Train, which showed that Pitt had the ability to take on a drama that delves into deep drug addictions.

Directed by David Ayer, Fury follows an American tank commander during World War II. Pitt stars alongside Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, and Michael Pena in this gritty film. Pitt’s performance here is nothing short of awe-inducing. He is a heartbeat away from Oscar gold.

4. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Brad Pitt has managed to float effortlessly between crowd-pleasing blockbusters (Troy, the Ocean’s trilogy) and more thoughtful, prestige projects. This darkly-themed Western finds him delivering a memorable performance as the legendary outlaw. Casey Affleck is also fantastic as the man behind James, a character who’s hero-worshiping persona masks a shifting pit of paranoia.

In a world of quick cuts and explosions, this film offers a welcome respite from the noise. It’s another reminder of what makes Pitt so appealing as a movie star. It’s his ability to stalk the edges of sanity.

5. Ocean’s Eleven

Pitt’s chemistry with Morgan Freeman in this gripping thriller is undeniable. The pair are homicide detectives who build a bond as they investigate a serial murderer. In this remake of the Rat Pack classic, Pitt carries off the role of Danny Ocean’s best friend Rusty Ryan with ease. He spouts entertaining banter, helps plan elaborate heists, and wears hilarious disguises.

Terrence Malick’s film is a beauty, and this early career highlight showcases Pitt as more than just a pretty face. A must-see for any film buff.

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