Tips to Purchase a Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder

Finding appropriate equipment is essential when you need to focus on a particular task. While there are loads of specialized available as per your need, you may have to find the best possible ladder to ascend to the right height as well. Tasks that require standing on the ladder for a long time require the product to be intensely strong and durable at the same time. It makes sense therefore to search for a Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder that fits your requirements.

However, you may have to find the answers yourself when trying to initiate a specific type of task. The aspects that need to be fulfilled properly will only become apparent once you know the following:-

How To Select a Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder           

Well, the material that you need to use is clear enough. Opt for a lightweight aluminum ladder that is sturdy enough to bear your weight as well as that of the equipment that you need to carry. It is advisable to inquire about the weight-bearing capacity of the available ladders to help you choose the right one. You will be intrigued to know that ‘duty’ refers to the weight that the ladder can withstand without sustaining damage or jeopardizing your safety. The types of ladders that you may consider based on your specific needs include the following products:-

  • Type IAA or Extra Heavy Duty ladder will carry weight up to 375 pounds
  • Type IA or Extra Heavy Duty ladder will carry weight up to 300 pounds
  • Type I or Heavy Duty ladder will carry weight up to 250 pounds
  • Type II or Medium Duty ladder will carry weight up to 225 pounds
  • Type III or Light Duty ladder will carry weight up to 200 pounds

You do not have to take the seller’s word as the absolute truth, however. Instead, check the label mentioning the specs at the bottom of the ladder. You must also be aware that a longer ladder will not mean a more weight-bearing capacity. The length and weight of a ladder are not related.

When you are looking for a heavy duty ladder specifically and will not consider any other alternative then opting for an industrial ladder is going to be beneficial. Remember that an industrial ladder is the strongest ladder available for sale. It will be extremely helpful for completing an ongoing project at an industrial or commercial site. It is a good idea to ask about the material used as well. True, plain aluminum is both durable and lightweight but the strength is enhanced further when you insist on using a branded product made out of aircraft-strength aluminum. The top-quality ladder must also feature rivets capable of 1,250 pounds of shear strength. The associated should not turn thus ensuring safety for you and the workforce.

The best possible Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladder that is suitable for your needs has to be compliant with OSHA standards to ensure workplace safety no matter how challenging the tasks happen to be.

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