Thoughtful Gifts to Welcome the Little Princess

Congratulations! You just heard that your loved one will soon be a doting parent of an adorable little girl. But are you wondering how can you celebrate this occasion to its fullest? A perfect newborn baby girl gift hamper provides an auspicious welcome to the little princess. Newborn hampers are ruling the hearts of parents. Since they are filled with a little of everything, there is no better way to show your support to new parents than with an all-in-one hamper. Whether you pick a readymade hamper or build your own, they have a unique charm of their own. 

Baby shopping can be a little overwhelming. From gathering clothes to diapers to toys and then assembling all the bits and bobs, the entire time can be exhausting but worth it. Seeing all that cute little stuff makes you want to buy it all. In this blog, we will explore a unique world of baby gifts for a little girl who is soon arriving. From premium newborn hampers to thoughtful gifts, we have got it all covered. So, offering newbies something extraordinary that they will adore forever. 

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed makes you enter a magical world of beautiful gifts and luxurious hampers. With an additional layer of personalization, all their gifts become thoughtful. Let it be an adorable newborn baby girl gift hamper or a unique gift, this store never disappoints. The quality and safety of their products is guaranteed. From cute items to exquisite packaging, Lovingly Signed has managed to make occasions merrier for a long time now. So if you know someone who is soon going to be blessed with a newborn girl, offer them cute gifts from Lovingly Signed. 

Want to know our favorite thoughtful gifts from Lovingly Signed? Take a look at our top picks. 

When I am Big Set

Let your baby girl dream big! With When I am Big Set, your little one will jump on an adventurous journey with a bunny who has big hopes just like your kid. This set includes the most loved Cream Jellycat Bunny that your baby can hug and play with all day long, a premium Organic Cotton Blanket that ensures a warm sleep for her, and a beautiful storybook – When I am Big, that will offer some lovely messages for your wee one. We guarantee that you would not find a much better trio of goodies elsewhere.

The Sleepy Bunny Set

Sweet dreams for your little one with The Sleepy Bunny Set. With this set, your baby is guaranteed a calm and relaxing sleep. The all-time favorite Jellycat Bunny and comfy Organic Cotton Blanket are the perfect pair to nestle down your little girl for a tight sleep. Also, the bestselling storybook – A Tale For A Sleepy Bunny, takes your baby deep into her imagination. This hamper is a major life-saver for moms who struggle to put their kids to sleep.

Personalized Essential Bundle Set

Want a gender-neutral gift for your baby girl? The Personalized Essential Bundle Set has multiple color options for you. Included in this set is the coziest Cable Knit Blanket that is the perfect bedtime companion for your girl. Also, the Bashful Jellycat Bunny makes the best pal whether for sleeping or playing during the day. These fabulous goodies offer an unforgettable welcome to the little girl.

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 Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit

For environmentally-conscious parents, bamboo material is the perfect choice. The Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit from Lovingly Signed makes cool attire for your little girl. With fold-over mittens and footies, there is no chance that those little hands and feet will get cold. Also, it becomes comfortable loungewear for your baby to wear all day long. The full-length zipper is a blessing in disguise since it makes nappy changing a breeze. So let your baby feel fresh throughout the day with this eco-friendly Bamboo Long Sleeve Bodysuit.

Personalized Old Rose Pyjamas

The Personalized Old Rose Pyjamas will make your little girl look like a fashionista. A trendy spotty print makes it a fun and smart fit for your baby. This pyjama and shirt duo is made of the softest cotton so your baby can relax throughout the day and night. The long sleeves and legs will protect your baby from catching a cold. This gorgeous pair is a perfect addition to your girl’s wardrobe so grab one today!


Every little princess deserves a royal welcome. And for this, you need to offer some thoughtful gifts to ease the life of the mom and also to celebrate the little lady’s birth in a momentous way. Getting a newborn baby girl gift hamper is an incredible way to greet her into the world. Don’t forget to personalize their gift items as they make a perfect keepsake to dote on forever. 


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