The Sims 4: 13 Best Mods For Telling In-Game Stories

Many The Sims fans like how the games let them tell stories, and there are a number of mods that help players improve their stories.

The Sims series has been known for a long time for its fun and unique gameplay, even if it is sometimes artificial. Still, it’s not a secret that Sims 4 hasn’t been as good at telling stories as its predecessors. Unlike Sims 2, there are no pre-set relationships or dramas in the neighborhood, and unlike Sims 3, it was so much harder to go out and make memorable ones unless players really tried.

In The Sims 4, the Sims are just about okay, which makes it much harder to make stories for them that are interesting. So modders filled in the gaps and made the game more fun and realistic.

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