Beyond Words: The Art and Science of eBook Formatting

Why Do We Need to Format eBooks?

Formatting an eBook follows industry standards and creates a readable layout for your book’s content and photos. This is a necessary procedure for any author planning to release an eBook. Interior design and formatting for digital books are similar to printed books, but digital book services cater exclusively to your book.

You can rest assured that your eBook will display beautifully on any eReader, mobile device, or tablet thanks to the dynamic, re-flowable style for text and graphics featured in the standard eBook formats (ePub and Mobi).

Presenting a professional image with your digital book design is more crucial than ever, which should transfer across any popular mobile device or eReader, such as the Kindle, Nook, or iPad.

The professional designers at BookBaby will work with you to create a unique layout that will captivate your audience and keep them reading until the very end.

How Do eBook Formatting Services Work?

Any eBook worth its salt will have professional formatting. Ensure the ebook formatting services make a layout more inviting using a clear hierarchy and legible typeface. You’ll be prompted to fill out a brief design questionnaire after you’ve chosen your design options and saved your quote. It’s a great way to get readers’ feedback on your eBook’s tone or design.

Each part of your work (introduction, dedication, chapters, etc.) will be formatted uniquely to produce a professional eBook design. In addition to the stock photographs we provide, you can give the Creative book designer your images.

The designers will combine your suggestions with their extensive experience to produce a unique book cover that readers will devour. We’ll send you an EPUB version of your eBook for review.

What Is the Preferred eBook Format?

Several standard eBook formats are now in use. There is no clear winner because each design is optimized for a different screen size. The eBook formatting services use the essential ones, and you need to be familiar with them, too:

  • PDF eBooks are best viewed on a computer, but some mobile devices may have trouble reading them. Since Word and Pages can instantly convert a document into a PDF, this is typically the most convenient and inexpensive format to produce. No access to Microsoft Office? Sure, no sweat. Convert PDF files online for free with a tool like Small PDF.
  • Books in the EPUB format are called “Electronic Publication” (EPUB) ebooks. It is the most popular eBook format and can be read on almost any device (the Kindle being the sole exception). If you want your eBook to be compatible with the NOOK, you’ll need to use this format.
  • eBooks in MOBI format: MOBI was explicitly created for the Kindle (and the Kindle app). While MOBI is still supported, AZW/AZW3 (below) is the more up-to-date eBook format.
  • eBooks in the AZW/AZW3 format are Amazon-specific, so use these if you want to sell on the site. Besides the Kindle and the Kindle app, most PCs and cell phones are compatible with this format.

There are many best formats to use. The form (s) you choose for your eBook will depend on how and where you plan to market it.

In most cases, giving your readers multiple options will yield the best results.

Some Guidelines For eBook Formatting Are As Follows:


Always use the standard.doc file format when saving your work. The.docx extension is the default for Microsoft Word documents.


Auto-formatting must be disabled. As you type with Microsoft Word, the program will automatically format your document to fit your needs. To turn it off while you order, go to Tools > AutoCorrect > AutoFormat. This will generate a list of choices from which you can remove items individually.

Make sure to keep a duplicate of your work in a physical location. Having a backup safeguards against any formatting mishaps or errors that might arise.


Separate chapters with page breaks. eBook text is not limited to a page, so branches can blend into one another if they need to be adequately separated. The reader may need clarification if you shift topics in the middle of the sentence. Put in page breaks between chapters and parts to separate your ideas and prevent this confusion.

Make use of aesthetic choices that will translate well to electronic media. Electronic readers will only display formatting changes directly to the text, such as bold, underlining, and italics. Headers, footers, and bullet points are no longer necessary. Verify that you’re familiar with everything that will survive the transition.

Mark places in the text that you want to return to later. Bookmark the beginning of the text, the table of contents, and the cover by clicking the Insert a Bookmark button. Mark them clearly so that readers can easily find the most relevant passages.

Ensure that all of these specifications are satisfied, as there is more to eBook formatting services than meets the eye. There are quick and effective formatting services that you may outsource if you are not confident with Microsoft Word or want to save yourself the time and effort of formatting.

An eBook formatting service only needs the final copy of your work, and then they may transform it into an eBook format that meets the standards of your preferred publishing house. It’s the easy way to get your eBook read and shared quickly.

To Have Your Book Formatted Professionally, Use eBook formatting services And Creative Book Designers

Fortunately, many excellent businesses can format your eBook for release if you need more time or inclination to do so yourself.

The BEST news is that having your Word or Pages document converted into an attractively designed eBook won’t break the bank. A simple eBook conversion into several popular formats shouldn’t cost about $100.


Ebooks are great marketing tools to reach a wide audience, potentially turning readers into customers.

These services utilize their ability to produce informative formatting to attract and retain the audience. A professional eBook formatting service is a must for the creation process, and promoting your products will yield the best results.

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