The 18 Best RPGs Where Your Class Matters

In most RPGs, one of the first things you do is pick a job. These books give it more attention than others.

RPGs have always been about how the characters grow and how much you get into the worlds that the writers have made. In some older RPGs, a character’s decision to go down a certain path was much more important than it is today, when respeccing and easy-to-make “jack-of-all-trades” builds let players be much less careful with their choices.

In RPGs, classes and guilds used to count a lot more than they do now, but that doesn’t mean that all new games don’t care about them anymore. No matter if it’s a 20-year-old cult classic or a current AAA blockbuster, video games with class systems that are more developed and have a bigger effect on the story and gameplay tend to have a higher replay value than those with simpler systems.

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