One-Week Strategy for the Preparation of the SSC CGL Exam

The Staff Selection Commission board administers the SSC CGL exam to hire candidates for different posts in the government sector. Such as offices, departments, and companies under the government of India. To appear in the test, the candidate must have a graduation degree from a recognized college or university. Another requirement is they should be age range from 18-32 group. In addition, one should have knowledge of Mathematics, economics, and statistics to crack the SSC SGL exam.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that preparation for any entrance exam is a long-term process. Therefore, it is most important to get into the right mindset just before the examination. This is because your last week’s preparation has a great influence on your exam. Well, this article will provide you with some result-oriented tips and tricks for last week’s preparation for the exam.

Are you preparing for the SSC CGL 2023? If yes, then reading the below suggestions without skipping a single point will aid you in acing the exam in 7 days.

Follow the below-result-oriented tips and tricks to clear the SSC CGL exam in one week:

Speed and Accuracy

To crack the exam in one week, the candidate must have a good speed and accuracy in solving the questions. For this, you need to solve at least 10 mock tests on a daily basis. This practice will make you test your knowledge and ability of problem-solving. Moreover, the section which seems difficult to you try to solve at the end so that you can save your time on the exam. In other words to to prevent the time constraints due to spending more time on a single question. Accuracy in solving is also a great quality to crack the SSC CGL exam with outstanding results. This will be achieved by solving every day new problems.

Revision is the Key to Success

Your all learning will become worthless if you do not revise them. So doing multiple revisions for what you have learned in the preparation time is important if you really want to crack an exam.  During your revision time, you can learn the mathematics formulas, and important history dates, and get updated with the current happening for the GK section. If you are reading from the textbooks, then you can highlight the main points with a colored pen to find them easily later on. Collect the past year’s papers and solve them with new methods.

Time Management is Essential

Time management is the main component to succeed in any exam. So, you have to be well organized to use time in an effective manner. Spend no more than five minutes on a single question for more information. The candidate must have a sound approach to problem-solving in the SSC CGL exam so that he or she may make the most of every minute of time. Follow the suggested strategies below based on your skills and weaknesses:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes on the reasoning section.
  • Set the next 10 minutes for the GK section.
  • You should spend 8-10 minutes on the English language.
  • To solve the mathematics calculations, set 20-30 minutes.
  • Leave the last five minutes to review your answers.

Have a Positive Mindset

To clear the SSC CGL exam, One must have a positive attitude from preparation to the exam day. The reason behind this is how you respond to every problem has a great influence on your performance. As we all know with a stressed mind, you are not able to express your best on the exam even with the proper preparation. Hence, you need the right mindset which is able to tackle each problem on the exam despite its difficulty level.

Well, the study material you are following has great importance on your preparation. So, always go for quality over quantity when choosing the study material. For more, buy the most recommended SSC CGL exam preparation books to clear the exam.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the gist of the above post will shed an overview of how one can prepare in one week for the SSC CGL exam. In addition to this, you must have a hard-working and positive nature to deal with exam obstacles. Paying attention to your health is also a major concern, for better results on the exam.

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