New Texas voting rules erode democracy the GOP really should resolve the law

Texas Democrats and civil rights advocates warned that sweeping voter limitations authorized by the Republican-managed legislature past yr would disenfranchise voters. Sadly, the predictions are coming correct.

Nearly 25,000 mail-in ballots cast in the March 1 major elections — more than 12 percent of the total ballots mailed — have been rejected simply because voters of equally parties struggled to comply with bewildering new rules for voting by mail. Texas Republicans marketed this and other overzealous voting constraints in the identify of  “election protection,” based on the falsehood that voter fraud is rampant. Let us be clear: The evidence proves it is not.  

The new mail-in ballot restrictons are generating roadblocks for regulation-biding voters who just want to take part in our democracy. In Travis County, election officials were compelled to toss more than 1,000 mail-in ballots in the March main. In Houston-based Harris County, a seriously Democratic region the GOP targeted with restrictions in their 2021 lawBlack areas were 44 percent far more very likely to have ballots turned down than white locations, according to a New York Moments examination. This tracks with accusations that the GOP’s intent was to make it tougher for men and women of coloration, quite a few of whom help Democrats, to vote.

New Texas voting rules erode democracy the GOP really should resolve the law

The 12 percent statewide rejection price is appallingly significant — at least 10 percentage points higher than comparable figures for the 2018 and 2020 midterm and presidential elections. Even some Republicans concede the new mail-in ballot principles are perplexing and sophisticated.

Point out leaders really should tackle this erosion of believe in in the Texas electoral technique immediately.  

If Gov. Greg Abbott and the state legislature want to be certain that every single vote counts in Texas, they should convene a unique session and repeal the new mail-in ballot requirements before the November typical election. If they will never,  Abbott really should authorize spending — in addition to revenue by now in the Secretary of State’s spending plan — to teach voters on how to comply with the mail-in ballot requirements. And the state ought to get artistic with its messaging, employing social media, text messages, and other tools to get to the most voters feasible.