Meet The Raven Squad Of Garena Undawn

Check out U7Buy to top up Garena Undawn super fast and cheap! Garena Undawn Raven Squad is an important game faction. It has emblematic characters. Each one has a background story. Let’s see who they are!

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Caine the Leader

Caine is the leader of the Garena Undawn Raven Squad. His responsibilities include leading the team and overseeing the development of the shelter. Before the disaster, Caine was a county sheriff. Becoming the leader of the team came naturally to him. He was the one who immediately after the disaster formed rescue parties and looked for survivors. He also used radio broadcasts to get in touch with other survivors.

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Yevgeny the Assassin

Yevgeny’s story is not a happy one. He was once part of an exclusive group of assassins. The disaster struck twice for him as he lost both wife and daughter. It drove him to misery, however, he is not a man who sits idly.

Meet The Raven Squad Of Garena UndawnYevgeny helped Caine become a better leader of the Garena Undawn Raven Squad. Even if he will never forget his tragedy, he is still a key member of the team helping others in any way he can.

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Tang the Hunter

If the job is to stay alive, trust that Tang is the man for it. He can find supplies in abandoned facilities like no other. His prowess with a crossbow is unmatched. Tang is a patient individual who doesn’t lose his head.

Many rely on him and consider him one of the most trustworthy members of the Garena Undawn Raven Squad. Tang had to learn how to survive from an early age. He grew up with no parents.

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Sherry the Medic

There aren’t many medics left in this world. That’s why Sherry is an important Garena Undawn Raven Squad member. Sherry is a kind person and she is also good with kids. She can be seen in missions to other settlements where she takes care of those who need medical attention.

The disaster changed the lives of all, but for Sherry, the change was more abrupt. If others somehow kept their positions, functions, or skills, Sherry’s “career” turned out differently. She was preparing for a life as a singer. The medical position came naturally thanks to her kind heart.

Meet The Raven Squad Of Garena Undawn

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Catherine the Soldier

The Garena Undawn Raven Squad has a formidable combat trainer. Her name is Catherine. She has a military background. Catherine was one of the best Marine snipers before the disaster. She joined the Raven team continuing to do what she does best: defend those who cannot defend themselves.

The players can find Catherine in District 1 of the Raven Shelter. You can easily spot the building she is in thanks to the big antenna and orange banners.

Garena Undawn Raven Squad – Roman the Mechanic

Roman’s life before the calamity saw him as a professional driver in a racing team. Too bad that his road to success was cut short when the team leader framed him. Now, he is a mechanic and pilots a helicopter. He has a German Shepherd as his best friend.

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