Matt Rife Net Worth 2024: How Much Is His Worth?

Matt Rife Net Worth 2024! Matt Rife, the charismatic and quick-witted comedian, has taken the world by storm with his unique brand of humor and captivating stage presence. In addition to his skyrocketing popularity, Rife financial success has also garnered significant attention.

As of 2024, several sources report Matt Rife net worth to be impressive at $30 million, attributing it to his numerous sold-out shows, successful YouTube channel, and other ventures, there are conflicting reports suggesting a much lower figure of approximately $100,000.

Quick Info

Full Name Matthew Steven Rife
Birth Date September 10, 1995
Age 29 Years
Birth Place Columbus, Ohio
Hometown North Lewisburg, Ohio
Nationality American
Gender Male
Profession Stand-up comedian, Actor
Years Active 2010–present
Comedy Style Observational, self-deprecating, crowd work
Known For
  • Self-produced comedy specials: Only Fans (2021), Matthew Steven Rife (2023), Walking Red Flag (2023)
  • Netflix special: Natural Selection (2023)
  • Recurring role on Wild ‘n Out
Matt Rife Net Worth $30 Million

Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an rising star in the comedy world, has been making waves with his unique brand of humor and captivating stage presence. Matthew Steven Rife born on September 10, 1995, in Columbus, Ohio, this 29-year-old comedian has quickly become a fan favorite, selling out shows across the globe and amassing a massive following on social media.

Matt Rife

Early Life

Rife journey into comedy began as a teenager, using humor as an escape from personal challenges, including his father’s suicide when he was an infant. He started performing stand-up at the young age of 15, quickly gaining recognition for his natural talent and charismatic stage presence.

Rife big break came in 2017 when he landed a recurring role on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, a popular comedy and improv show. His quick wit and ability to improvise on the spot made him a standout performer, further solidifying his place in the comedy scene.


Rife early career saw him touring extensively, sharing the stage with comedy legends such as Dane Cook, Ralphie May, and Finesse Mitchell. He quickly became a regular performer at the renowned Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, earning recognition as the youngest male regular at the establishment.

In 2017, Rife gained wider exposure as a host on the rebooted “Total Request Live” on MTV. This opportunity, coupled with his appearances on MTV’s “The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars,” further solidified his presence in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Rife self-produced comedy specials, including “Only Fans” (2021), “Matthew Steven Rife” (2023), and “Walking Red Flag” (2023), garnered a loyal following. However, his big break came with the release of his Netflix special, “Natural Selection” (2023), which propelled him to international stardom.

In 2023, Rife embarked on his “ProbleMATTic” tour, which faced some criticism for jokes deemed offensive by some. Despite this, Rife’s popularity continued to soar, with his shows selling out rapidly and fans captivated by his edgy and unfiltered style.

As of 2024, Matt Rife remains one of the most sought-after comedians in the industry. His undeniable talent, combined with his charismatic personality and social media savvy, has allowed him to cultivate a dedicated following that eagerly awaits his next move. Whether on stage or online, Rife continues to entertain and push boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the world of comedy.

Personal Life

Rife has been open about his personal life, particularly his struggles with mental health. He has used his platform to advocate for therapy and self-care, inspiring others to seek help and prioritize their well-being.

Rife is currently in a relationship with actress Zendaya, a pairing that has captured the attention of fans and media alike.

Matt Rife Net Worth 2024

Several reputable sources estimate Matt Rife net worth to be around $30 million. This substantial sum is attributed to his thriving comedy career, lucrative deals with streaming platforms like Netflix, and various other ventures. His stand-up specials, “Only Fans” and “Matthew Steven Rife,” have garnered millions of views and significantly contributed to his earnings.

Matt Rife Net Worth 2024

However, it’s important to acknowledge that other sources present conflicting information, suggesting a significantly lower net worth of approximately $100,000. These discrepancies highlight the challenges of accurately assessing a celebrity’s financial status and the importance of considering multiple sources when evaluating net worth estimates.

With his career on a steep upward trajectory, Matt Rife net worth is expected to continue growing. As he secures more high-profile deals, expands his comedy tours internationally, and potentially ventures into other industries like producing or writing, his financial future looks incredibly promising.

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What is Matt Rife salary?

As a self-employed comedian and entrepreneur, his income varies greatly depending on his projects, tours, endorsements, and other ventures. However, estimates suggest that his annual earnings likely reach into the millions of dollars.

In 2023, Forbes reported that Rife earned an estimated $25 million, primarily from his wildly successful comedy tour and social media presence. While this figure may fluctuate from year to year, it gives a clear indication of his earning potential.

What is Matt Rife “ProbleMATTic World Tour”?

Matt Rife’s “ProbleMATTic World Tour” is his ongoing global comedy tour where he performs his latest stand-up material to sold-out crowds. The tour has garnered significant attention and praise for its relatable humor and energetic performances.

How much does Matt Rife make per year?

Matt Rife is reported to earn around $6 million per year from his comedy shows and online content. His stand-up shows are incredibly popular, and his YouTube videos have garnered millions of views.

What are Matt Rife most popular comedy specials?

Some of Matt Rife most popular comedy specials include “Only Fans,” “Matthew Steven Rife,” and “Walking Red Flag.” These specials showcase his unique comedic style and have helped him build a massive following.

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