Lil Migo Net Worth 2024: How Much Is His Worth?

Lil Migo Net Worth 2024! Lil Migo, a rising star, is taking the industry rapper by storm, leaving fans wanting more. But with his catchy hooks and undeniable talent, one question lingers: How much is Lil Migo net worth?

Today, we’re diving deep into his journey, from his Memphis roots to Lil Migo net worth potential. We’ll explore his early influences, chart his musical journey with Blac Youngsta’s Heavy Camp label, and unpack the rumours swirling around a major record deal.

Quick Info

Full Name Adarious Smith
Birth Date March 1, 1997
Age 27 Years
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee
Nationality United States of America
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Rapper
Lil Migo Net Worth 2024 $1.5 Million ( Estimated )

Who is Lil Migo?

Adarious Smith, also known as Lil Migo, was born on the north side of Memphis, Tennessee, on March 1, 1997.

While there’s no confirmation on a familial musical background (further interviews might shed light on this), one thing is certain: Lil Migo found himself drawn to the world of rap. Whether it was freestyling with friends or immersing himself in the Memphis rap scene, the raw energy of hip-hop resonated with him. This early exposure likely played a crucial role in shaping his signature flow and sound, a sound that would later captivate audiences across the nation.

The Memphis music scene itself deserves a spotlight here. Often overshadowed by its Atlanta counterpart, Memphis boasts a rich hip-hop history, nurturing legends like Yo Gotti, Three 6 Mafia, and Project Pat. This gritty, bass-heavy style, infused with elements of bounce and crunk, undeniably left its mark on Lil Migo musical identity. Growing up surrounded by these influences undoubtedly fueled his creative fire and prepared him for the competitive rap world.

Lil Migo Net Worth 2024

How much is Lil Migo Net Worth? Determining the Lil Migo net worth of a rising artist can be tricky. Unlike established musicians with years of record deals, tours, and merchandise sales, a newcomer’s finances constantly evolve. However, by understanding the various income streams for rappers and analyzing Lil Migo career, estimated Lil Migo net worth arround 1.5 million in 2024.

Lil Migo Net Worth 2024The first major factor influencing a Lil Migo net worth is streaming income. Platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube pay royalties based on the number of times a song is streamed. Here’s where things get interesting: without access to Lil Migo specific streaming numbers, we can still make some educated guesses. If we consider his popularity, catchy hooks, and presence on major playlists, it’s safe to say he’s likely generating a significant income from streaming alone. Industry reports suggest that for every 1 million streams on Spotify, an artist can earn roughly $3,000-$5,000. Extrapolate that over millions of streams across various platforms, and the potential for substantial income becomes clear.

Touring is another significant revenue stream for rappers. Packed shows translate into ticket sales, merchandise purchases, and VIP meet-and-greets. Unfortunately, information about Lil Migo touring history is limited at this point in his career. However, with his rising popularity and potential for sold-out shows in the future, touring can undoubtedly become a major contributor to Lil Migo net worth.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential contributors to Lil Migo net worth:

Streaming Revenue

Streaming giants like Spotify pay out fractions of a cent per stream, so while millions of streams can accumulate impressive figures, early-career rappers like Lil Migo might not yet be pulling in major sums. However, considering his collaborations with established artists and a growing fanbase, his streaming income is likely on a steady incline.

Downloads & Sales

While digital downloads aren’t as prevalent as streaming, they still contribute. Mixtape sales, especially deluxe editions with bonus tracks, can add a modest but welcome boost to his income. Physical album sales, if he chooses to release one in the future, could provide a more substantial one-time windfall.

Merchandise Sales

Rapper merch is a staple of the hip-hop scene. Fans can show their support and Lil Migo can generate revenue through branded t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other accessories. The success of his merch sales depends heavily on his fanbase size and their willingness to spend.


Featuring on established artists tracks or vice versa is a win-win situation. Lil Migo gains exposure to a wider audience, potentially translating to increased streams and merch sales. The financial terms of these collaborations are undisclosed, but they likely involve a fee or a revenue-sharing agreement.

Lil Migo Social Media

Lil Migo Social Media

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Final Words

Lil Migo infectious energy and Memphis trap sound have captivated audiences. From early influences to his work with Blac Youngsta’s Heavy Camp label, his musical journey is on an upward trajectory. We explored the various avenues for rappers to generate income, and while it’s challenging to pinpoint his exact net worth at this stage, his future is undeniably bright. With his talent, collaborations, and the potential for mainstream success and brand endorsements, Lil Migo has the potential to become a major force in the industry.

This article provided a deep dive into Lil Migo rise and financial prospects. If you’re a fan of Memphis trap or want to stay ahead of the curve on up-and-coming artists, be sure to follow Lil Migo journey. Keep an eye out for his new releases, and remember, true success in music often goes beyond just net worth – it’s about artistic growth and leaving a lasting impact.

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