Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth 2024: Bio, Wiki, Case

Exploring Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth 2024! In the realm of legal circles, the mention of Judge Tracie Hunter invokes discussions encompassing legal expertise, controversies, and a career marked by both triumphs and tribulations. A stalwart in the judicial arena, her story is one etched with legal battles, accomplishments, and an enduring quest for justice. In this article, we will discuss Judge Tracie Hunter net worth, questions related to whether Tracie Hunter is married, and Judge Tracie Hunter case.

Tracie Hunter Bio

Full Name Tracie Hunter
Gender Female
Date Of Birth 10 February 1967
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Age 57 Years
Height 5 Ft. 6 Inches
Weight 64 Kg
Parents Name Father Name: Stephen Edward Sr.

Mother Name: Charlotte

Religion Christian
Education Under Graduation (Miami University),
Juris Doctor (University of Cincinnati College of Law)
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $1 – 5 Million ( Estimated in 2024 )

Judge Tracie Hunter Wiki

Judge Tracie Hunter

Born with an innate curiosity for justice, Tracie Hunter formative years were marked by a fervent dedication to legal pursuits. Her academic prowess was evident as she navigated through esteemed institutions, ultimately earning a degree in law from a prestigious university. Hunter’s academic endeavors served as the cornerstone for her future contributions to the judicial realm.

Judge Tracie Hunter, an esteemed legal figure, has etched her name into the annals of law through her distinguished career. Her journey began with a solid educational foundation. Holding degrees from notable institutions, Hunter’s academic prowess laid the groundwork for her illustrious career in the legal domain. Her tenure in law commenced with a fervor, propelling her towards commendable milestones.

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Judge Tracie Hunter Case

A mention of Hunter’s name regularly stimulates interest in the specifics of her legal situation. Her case, which is filled with intricate details and nuances, has generated significant examination and debate. The complex elements surrounding this case keep attracting many people’s interest, urging more investigation into its complex nature and implications. Case details, below:

  • She was appointed as a judge in November 2010 with plans to officially assume office in January 2011. Anyway, due to anticipated disagreements, she was sworn in and assumed office on May 25, 2012.
  • In September 2013, she was accused of backdating court orders to prevent the final determination from having been contested, in addition to sending secret documents to her brother.
  • The County of Hamilton Prosecutor’s Offices has selected two special prosecutors to investigate the office’s misconduct.
  • After being accused of eight crime counts, she was suspended by the Ohio Supreme Court on January 10, 2012. On December 5, 2014, she was found guilty of one crime.
  • On July 22, 2019, she was arrested and sentenced to six months in jail, upon which the Ohio Supreme Court suspended her legal license.
  • During years of appealing, she received a sentence of 11 weeks/75 days in jail and was released in October 2019.

Is Judge Tracie Hunter Married?

Is Judge Tracie Hunter married? This facet of her personal life, often the subject of speculation, remains relatively shielded from public scrutiny. Hunter, preferring discretion, has adeptly maintained a low profile concerning her personal affairs, focusing steadfastly on her professional duties.

Addressing the question surrounding Hunter’s marital status requires a nuanced understanding of her private life, an area meticulously shielded from public scrutiny. As of the latest available information, Hunter’s personal life remains discreet, with no conclusive details about her current marital status readily available to the public eye.

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Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth 2024

Judge Tracie Hunter Net Worth

Speculation regarding a public figure’s net worth often piques interest, and Judge Tracie Hunter is no exception. However, actual estimates for her net worth have not been made public, adding to the unknown space within her wealth.

Judge Tracie Hunter net worth in 2024 is estimated to range between $1 – 5 million. This estimate is based on her broad work experiences, nevertheless it must be highlighted that there is no publicly accessible data to back up her claims.


Judge Tracie Hunter narrative, intricately woven with legal brilliance, controversies, and guarded privacy, presents a tapestry of complexity that continues to captivate audiences. As discussions persist regarding her net worth, marital status, and the trajectory of her case, the enigma surrounding this judicial figure endures, ensuring her place in the annals of legal discourse and public fascination.

By interweaving the convoluted nuances of a legal career, the shroud of mystery enveloping her personal life, and the ever-elusive details concerning her net worth, Judge Tracie Hunter remains a figure whose story transcends the confines of a courtroom, resonating within the realms of public curiosity and intrigue.

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