Jackie Aina Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Her Worth?

Jackie Aina Net Worth 2024! Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber and entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the beauty industry. With her engaging personality, honest reviews, and advocacy for inclusivity, she has amassed a dedicated following of millions. Her success has not only brought her fame but also considerable wealth.

Quick Info

Full Name Jacquelyn Lonje Olayiwola Oyeshola Bolayemi Aina
Birth Date August 4, 1987
Age 37 Years
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Nationality Nigerian-American
Gender Female
Ethnicity Yoruba
Spouse Denis Asamoah
Profession Beauty YouTuber, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer
Jackie Aina Net Worth $2 Million

Who is Jackie Aina?

Jackie Aina with real name Jacquelyn Lonje Olayiwola Oyeshola Bolayemi Aina was born on August 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an American beauty YouTuber and social influencer renowned for her unwavering advocacy for inclusivity and diversity in the cosmetics industry. With her vibrant personality, insightful reviews, and outspoken stance on representation, Aina has amassed a loyal following and become a powerful voice for change.

Jackie Aina

Aina was born to an African-American mother and a Nigerian father of Yoruba descent. After a brief stint in college and serving in the United States Army Reserve, she discovered her passion for makeup artistry.


Aina career initially took off on YouTube, where she launched her eponymous channel in 2009. Her makeup tutorials, product reviews, and outspoken advocacy for inclusivity in the beauty industry quickly gained traction, garnering millions of subscribers and establishing her as a leading voice in the space.

Before and alongside her YouTube success, Aina worked as a freelance makeup artist, honing her skills and knowledge of cosmetics. This experience provided her with a strong foundation for her content creation and collaborations with brands.

Aina influence extends across various social media platforms, where she engages with her audience and shares her insights on beauty, lifestyle, and social issues. Her authentic and relatable approach has fostered a loyal and dedicated following.

Aina has collaborated with numerous beauty brands, including Anastasia Beverly Hills, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Too Faced, and Sephora. These partnerships have often resulted in the creation of inclusive product lines and campaigns that celebrate diversity in skin tones and beauty preferences.

Furhermore, Aina is a vocal advocate for inclusivity and representation in the beauty industry. She has consistently challenged brands to expand their shade ranges and cater to a broader range of consumers. Her advocacy has played a significant role in driving positive change within the industry.

In addition to her beauty content, Aina uses her platform to address broader social issues, including racism, colorism, and LGBTQ+ rights. She is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and has used her voice to raise awareness and advocate for justice and equality.

Lastly in 2020, Aina launched her lifestyle brand, FORVR Mood, which offers candles, home fragrances, and accessories. The brand has been well-received and is available in major retailers like Sephora.

Aina work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Social Media Personality. She has also been recognized as a Glamour Woman of the Year and a Refinery29 Beauty Innovator of the Year.

Jackie Aina Net Worth

Jackie Aina, a prominent figure in the beauty industry, has established herself as a successful YouTuber, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Her net worth, a testament to her hard work and dedication, has been a topic of interest for many. As of 2024, Jackie Aina net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Jackie Aina Net Worth

Aina financial success is attributed to various avenues within the beauty and entertainment sectors. Her primary source of income is her widely popular YouTube channel, boasting over 3.5 million subscribers and millions of views. Through engaging content, such as makeup tutorials, product reviews, and vlogs, Aina has secured lucrative partnerships with renowned brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Fenty Beauty, and Too Faced.

In addition to her YouTube earnings, Aina generates substantial income through sponsored posts and collaborations on Instagram, where she enjoys a massive following of over 1.9 million. Her authentic and relatable personality has made her a sought-after influencer, attracting lucrative deals with major beauty brands.

Furthermore, Aina entrepreneurial spirit has led her to launch her own merchandise line, encompassing apparel and accessories. This venture, combined with her other income sources, contributes significantly to Jackie Aina net worth.

Jackie Aina influence extends beyond the digital realm. She has been featured in prominent publications like Forbes and Cosmopolitan, further solidifying her status as a leading voice in the beauty industry. Her advocacy for diversity and inclusion has garnered her recognition and respect, making her a role model for aspiring creators.

Jackie Aina Social Media




How old is Jackie Aina?

Jackie Aina was born on August 4, 1987, making her 37 years old as of 2024.

Is Jackie Aina married?

Yes, Jackie Aina is married to Denis Asamoah, a Ghanaian-British photographer and creative director. They got married in a lavish ceremony in Capri, Italy, in 2023.

What camera does Jackie Aina use?

Jackie Aina uses a variety of high-end cameras to create her stunning videos. She has mentioned using cameras like the Canon EOS C300 Mark II and the Sony Alpha a7S III for different purposes.

What awards has Jackie Aina won?

Jackie Aina has received several awards for her work, including the NAACP’s YouTuber of the Year Award, Glamour Woman of the Year, Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator of the Year, and WWD Beauty Inc Awards’ Influencer of the Year. She has also been nominated for multiple E! People’s Choice Awards.

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