IPLCinema – The Training Regimens Behind IPL 2024’s Fittest Players

Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans’ IPL 2023 match attracted 32 million simultaneous viewers, shattering Disney-owned Hotstar’s previous record set in 2016. This impressive audience growth illustrates an increasing shift toward digital platforms. Enjoy the thrill of world-class cricket in the Today IPL match. Watch LIVE only on!

JioCinema is taking advantage of this event to drive more downloads and app engagement with MS Dhoni as part of an advertising campaign highlighting why watching IPL on JioCinema offers advantages that traditional television cannot.

1. Dhoni’s sleeve-splitting arms

Dhoni is an iconic figure of cricket, but unlike his younger peers he cannot afford to fling the ball around with all their might. Dhoni has taken to using unorthodox wicket-keeping techniques which have helped him effect numerous dismissals while keeping his batting score intact.

One of Dhoni’s unorthodox techniques involves his signature splitting arm technique while keeping wicket, which allows him to quickly collect balls in front of the stumps and dispose of them with his wrist strength – something other wicketkeepers cannot easily replicate due to lack of wrist strength. This approach makes for more efficient action. Unfortunately, however, many other keepers lack Dhoni’s wrist strength.

Dhoni has developed the skill of reading batsmen like an author over time, which makes him one of the most effective captains in limited-overs cricket. He knows exactly what each batsman can offer him and doesn’t hesitate to use his experience against them when necessary.

Faf du Plessis’ ability to dismiss some of the world’s finest batsmen is testament to this; just look at his straight drive against Trent Boult at the start of the tenth over from Faf du Plessis at the start of that over, an iconic shot by Du Plessis that was fluid, powerful and filled with ambition for boundaries – only for Gulbadin Naib’s slow full toss and his slow full toss to turn out his desire for that juicy floater which ended his innings with one more powerful shot that flew over midwicket like month-old celery and that was it for Faf du Plessis’ knocking against.

2. Hardik Pandya’s ripped thighs

Indian players have attained near god-like status within cricket culture. From demi-gods and semi-gods to future gods – among these Hardik Pandya of Baroda stands out. A stand-out performer for Mumbai Indians domestic cricket team as well as being an integral member of India – Pandya’s rise has been remarkable and now counts him among India’s squad at this T20 World Cup.

Hardik Pandya is widely recognized for being a brilliant all-rounder in cricket and his natural abilities are widely recognised. Capable of both batting and bowling with equal ease, Hardik stands out on the field as a formidable rival who has the power to alter any match’s course with just his presence alone. His performances can turn any game around. From politics to business, auto to sports, culture to deals – find all the information you need in your morning Pioneer EPaper. Your daily dose of news and views!

However, youngster Pandya wasn’t always this confident. When he began his career he was thin with a slight build. Though he possessed great promise his body did not match up. That all changed once he started training with Kiran More in Vadodara.

More recognized the immense talent in Pandya and encouraged him to push himself harder, instructing him to work out tirelessly to build an indestructible frame which has enabled Pandya to endure the rigours of international cricket with ease.

His thighs in particular have undergone dramatic change since Pandya first joined the Indian team; now, they appear sculpted and muscular compared to what they looked like at that time.

Pandya regularly posts videos of his workouts on social media and they are truly impressive. You can watch as he performs weight-lifting exercises such as crunches and squats to strengthen his core and increase speed in moving his body, as well as build explosive power that is essential to being an all-round player.

3. Virat Kohli’s ripped biceps

Virat Kohli is unquestionably one of the fittest cricketers in the world, and his incredible fitness level can be seen through his stunning shots on the pitch and lightning quick sprints between wickets. No surprise then that he enjoys such widespread popularity within Indian society – but how exactly does he maintain such an enviable physique?

RCB captain Daniel Bates loves mixing up his workout routine to keep things interesting. One such exercise is power snatch, a full-body movement which increases strength, explosiveness, speed and coordination as well as burn fat while building muscle! He often completes it while running with the team!

Kohli takes great care to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet. He avoids sugary food and beverages and opts for high-protein dinners at night; his favourite dishes include quinoa, dal, spinach and protein bars as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. Furthermore, in the mornings he enjoys drinking green tea with lemon to boost his metabolism and help increase his performance on the field.

Kohli has never been immune to injuries, yet always managed to make a quick comeback thanks to his rigorous training regimen. Beginning each day with a 20-minute metabolic run and hitting the gym thrice a week for weight training, cardio and core exercises (he also takes time out each week for yoga or meditation practice to maintain focus while increasing mental strength).

4. Jasprit Bumrah’s ripped abs

India’s death-over specialist Jasprit Bumrah made headlines Friday when he shared a topless photo showing off a six-pack stomach in an inspiring message on Twitter. Twitterati quickly celebrated Bumrah for his fitness level; many tweeted messages of admiration to encourage him.

Bumrah has gained international acclaim as one of the fittest cricket players. Fans, teammates and coaches alike have all acknowledged his fast and consistent play on the field, earning praise from cricket fans, teammates and coaches alike for his speed and consistency on it. Furthermore, his fitness is documented online regularly through posting workout videos to social media.

Bumrah also emphasizes cross-training and rest, saying this is his go-to way of staying fit. To do this he engages in various exercises like boxing, squats, deadlifts and weighted crunches in order to build his strength and stamina.

Bumrah will not feature in the current Test series against Sri Lanka; however, he will take part in Sunrisers Hyderabad’s ODI and T20I matches. In addition, Bumrah has been selected to join India on their tour to South Africa for three T20Is and two Test matches.

Viacom18’s JioCinema caught widespread attention last year for offering IPL matches free to its viewers on JioCinema OTT platform, while this year they plan to increase IPL content with additional films while maintaining “balance between price and content”, according to Vijacom18’s Deshpande.

JioCinema’s new content strategy will aim to keep prices affordable for viewers while simultaneously supporting local talent and encouraging consumption within India, where consumers tend to shun high pricing structures in favor of domestic content.

5. KL Rahul’s ripped chest

KL Rahul is one of the fittest players in world cricket thanks to his dedication towards training. He works tirelessly in the gym to strengthen his core and increase agility, and regularly takes part in strength and conditioning sessions in order to remain in top physical condition.

He does this to perform well on the field and avoid injuries, while at the same time following a strict diet to stay healthy – with plenty of fruits and vegetables for balanced eating as well as plenty of water to stay hydrated during long innings play. All this ensures he remains fresh on the field while playing long innings without fatigue.

He is not only an outstanding batsman but also an exceptional fielder, famed for his speed in running quickly across the field and taking great catches. Additionally, he utilizes various fielding drills aimed at honing his skills; such as utilising different throwing styles and catching distances to further refine his overall fielding technique.

An ODI series usually lasts more than six matches and requires players to spend considerable time out on the field, which can be taxing. Players need to train extensively so they are in peak condition for such lengthy matches.

Reliance-owned JioCinema claims it has broken a world record with 12 crore unique viewers watching the TATA IPL final on Monday night due to rainy conditions. Furthermore, this figure represents significant figures as India boasts 800 million smartphones with low data costs and so these records were broken.

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