Best Ideas To Style Your Custom Hats For This Summer 2024

Channel Your Inner Fashionista With Best Customs Hats This Season

In addition to a better still fake tan, or a luxurious sunscreen, you would want to complete your summer season prep with one of the best snazzy sun hats or style your custom hats for this summer 2024.

Acing an outdoorsy summer look or topping off your poolside with a protective yet stylish sun hat has never been this easy. You just have to know how to style these accessories and you are good to go. 

But you don’t know anything about sun hats, let alone style them? Well, fret not as we are here to guide you with everything that you need to know. 

Below we have compiled a list of fashion-forward sun hats along with their styling tips directly from fashion experts to help you get that look in no time. So, without wasting any more time, let us get going. 


Fashion Forward Sun Hats For Every Snazzy Dresser

Custom Bucket Hats:

Do you think that modern people always opt for the latest styles and designs? If yes, then you are highly mistaken. 

For instance, bold eye shadows, platform loafers, and turtle necks, are still nostalgic items. Oh! How can we forget to add the infamous bucket hats to this list of items? Bucket hats are on-trend, fun, as well as casual too. These custom hats are gender-neutral and thus, can be flaunted by people regardless of their gender, how convenient!

Initially, these sun hats were designed without thinking so much about the aesthetics. It was first introduced in the markets in the 1900s. Later in the 60’s, it was made a fashion statement. Let us look at how you can style these nostalgic pieces to look dope even in 2024. 

  • Styling Tips: Being the best accessories to complement your outfit, this sun hat goes well with a bathing suit or a flowy skirt to match the summery vibes while keeping yourself safe from the harsh sunlight. Try searching for crocheted bucket hats, because they look so dope with summery skirts. 

You can also look totally cool by wearing these hats with chinos paired with a button-up shirt and loafers. For a more summery look, try wearing these hats with your favourite shorts, tee, and sneakers. Or you can also look daunting and dangerous just like our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow by donning these head coverings with the right attire. 


Branded Classic Baseball Caps:

The baseball caps have a timeless look that can fascinate anyone very easily. Moreover, with an elongated brim, you can easily ditch your sunglasses, and still protect your eyes from the violent sunlight. Perfect! Below we have given some styling tips for you to style your baseball caps flawlessly. 

  • Styling Tips: These caps have been trending for so long to elevate the look of the wearers. But its trend reached its peak soon after the “You” web series protagonist Joe Goldberg was seen flaunting the baseball caps seamlessly. 

You can also slay in baseball caps by pairing them with the right ensemble. For a casual look, wear an unbuttoned or buttoned t-shirt over your plain tee. And, complete the look with slim-fit trousers or a pair of jeans and your favorite sneakers. Moreover, to add more fun to your look, consider adding patches from any online store of custom patches Canada to your hats. 


Logo-Embroidered Snapback Caps:

The snapback caps are a holy grail for our online shopping enthusiasts. Mainly because these caps are not required to be measured inch by inch before you place your order, instead they come with an adjustable strap. 

To add more to your style, you can also wear these caps backward during the night, because you won’t need protection from the sun, but definitely need a snazzy accessory resting on your head (90s vibe, anyone?). 

But of course, styling them forward also adds more to their functionality and does not make you compromise on your style too. How awesome! Let us have a look at how we can style them, below. 

  • Styling Tips: If you are an athlete, then these snapbacks are going to become your next best friend. David Beckham is probably the king of wearing these caps with his active wear. If he can look totally charismatic in this attire, so can you!

Style plain snapback caps over your activewear to look drop-dead gorgeous. If you are extra sweaty during your workout, try getting a sweat-wicking cap so that it does not get smelly. Don’t forget to wash it afterwards. 


Custom Cloche Sun Hats:

These bell-shaped, fitted sun hats are usually worn by women. Some of these custom cloche sun hats come with drawstrings too to help the wearers keep them in place while having the best time of their lives. 

These hats provide a lot of coverage, not only for your head, but neck, and face too. So, you can easily travel, race around, or do any activity that requires a lot of movement, without worrying about misplacing your precious hat.

  • Styling Tips: Cloche hats aka the perfect beach companions are back in trend. Yippee! These sun hats are the perfect alternative to a floppy hat, which can be quite difficult to carry around. They add a garconne yet glam touch to modern fashion. 

To bring back the nostalgic vibes, style these hats with Mary Janes and a shift dress to look straight out of the 1920s. You can also pair them with solid-colored dresses and jeans for a casual everyday look. Just don’t forget to add a brooch or feather details to your hat and voila!


Branded Visors:

By chance, if you missed this fashion info, we are here to update you on it. Spoiler alert! 90s fashion trends are still in vogue. What?!

This includes the branded visors too! Great, we all have secretly admired those visors for a long time. And they are actually perfect for our sports enthusiasts. Because it helps to protect their eyes from the harsh UV light and the open top allows room for more airflow. These sun hats come with an easy-to-adjust fit to fit everyone easily.

  • Styling Tips: There is so much that you can do with visors. For instance, if you want to go to a beach party, add a visor on your head and become carefree for the entire party and slay your beachy looks. 

For athleisure looks add bralettes, joggers, tennis skirts, and sports jackets along with visors. Because of their versatility, they support every contemporary style. You can also style them with your streetwear and high-fashion looks.


Corporate Hats with UPF:

 People are now embracing more responsible sun exposure in 2024, to improve their overall health, and anti-ageing factor is the prime focus for everyone. The unstructured and relaxed corporate hats go well with a casual day off as well as with your employee uniform. 

These hats also come with an adjustable strap, making them a one-size-fits-all accessory. The key feature of these sun hats is that they possess a sweatband that keeps the sweat away, so no more sweating during an interview. Phew! 

  • Styling Tips: Wear these hats tilted backwards, or to the side for a more casual look. While going to your office, you can use this accessory to shade your face from the sunlight. You can also pull your ponytail through the hole at the back of these hats for a fun look.  

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Wrapping It All Up:

We are sure that by reading the above-given information about sun hats and their styling tips, you are going to flaunt this summer season. This style guide includes but is not limited to what we have mentioned. So, try to find your style and keep the given tips in mind and we assure you that you will never go wrong with your dressing. 

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