How do you Register for TikTok Affiliate without Minimum Followers?

TikTok is a social media platform that is very popular worldwide. This platform successfully attracted 1.67 billion monthly active users by the first quarter of 2023. Therefore, it is unsurprising that TikTok is a promising platform for digital marketers.

One of the advantages of TikTok users is the TikTok Affiliate program. However, not all users can run this program because there are conditions, such as a minimum number of followers. So, how do you register for TikTok Affiliate without minimal followers?

What is a TikTok Affiliate?

TikTok Afiiliate Plans
TikTok Afiiliate Plans

TikTok Affiliate is an affiliate program that allows TikTok users to promote products from the TikTok Shop while earning profits. This program allows TikTok creators to make money by leveraging the popularity and influence of creators on the platform.

If you want to run a TikTok Affiliate, promote a product from a particular brand. TikTok will make a commission from every sale made through a creator’s affiliate link. Simply put, TikTok Affiliate allows creators to monetize their content.

Requirements to Become a TikTok Affiliate

Several requirements must be met to run the TikTok Affiliate program. One of them is the minimum number of followers required. Not only that, there are several requirements that you must fulfil if you are interested in becoming a TikTok Affiliate. Below, i will shares the requirements that creators must complete.

1. TikTok Shop Account

Tiktok Shop Affiliate Program
How a Seller Opens a Tiktok Shop Affiliate Program

The first thing you have to do to implement the TikTok Affiliate program is to have a TikTok Shop account. This step is the main requirement for affiliates to obtain permission to sell products. The reason is that you need to have a TikTok Shop account to promote the products sold by the seller.

Not only as a medium for the TikTok Affiliate program, TikTok Shop also acts as a social e-commerce platform. Therefore, this feature can also be used for shopping.

2. Personal Documents

After having a TikTok Shop account, the creator must prepare several personal documents. You need to prepare several requirements: a bank account, identity card or Passport, and delivery address.

TikTok will verify your data via identity card or Passport. Meanwhile, bank accounts are used to disburse sales commissions.

3. Number of Followers

Regarding the number of followers, TikTok does not require a minimum number of followers that a creator account must have. However, several sellers enforce this. Check out to get more followers on TikTok.

The minimum number of followers depends on the provisions of each store. Therefore, asking the seller about these provisions for the shop you will promote is best.

How to Register for TikTok Affiliate Without Minimum Followers

TikTok Affiliate
TikTok Affiliate for Creators

Although some sellers have provisions regarding the number of followers that creators must have, there are several other ways if you still don’t meet the minimum number of followers. Below, we share how to register for TikTok Affiliate without minimum followers.

1. Have a TikTok Account

TikTok Affiliate is a program integrated with the TikTok platform. Therefore, having a TikTok account is a must. Make sure to fill out your profile with accurate and interesting information.

2. Register a TikTok Shop Account

After having a TikTok account, you must register for the TikTok Shop first to run the TikTok Affiliate program. Following are the steps you can follow to register a TikTok Shop account.

  1. Go to the TikTok Shop Seller Center page.
  2. Select the TikTok Shop registration option or register with your account.
  3. Click the “Sign up with TikTok account” option to register with a TikTok account. You can also select the
  4. Sign up with phone and email” option to register by email or telephone.
  5. Next, you can follow the instructions until registration is successful.

3. Document Verification

When registering a TikTok Shop account, you must also enter several personal Identity card or Passport documents. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard page.
  2. Select the “Verify now” option in the “Set up your shop” section.
  3. Write down your information as a seller using TikTok’s provisions. Select and determine the type of business and shop name.
  4. Upload photo ID: in this option, you can use Identity card or Passport.
  5. If the upload is successful, then select the “Submit” option.
  6. Wait until TikTok Shop verifies the data you entered earlier.

4. Adding Products

After TikTok approves the verification process, then add the product first. At this stage, your status is still a seller, not a creator.

  1. Open the “Home Page“, then select the “Add First Product” option, then click “Add Product“.
  2. Write down the product name, description, and category, and choose a brand.
  3. Upload product photos. Ensure the photo is not blurry and follows the appropriate format and size.
  4. Next, you must fill in the product information completely.

You must also connect your bank account with TikTok Shop at this stage first. The method is to return to the Home Page menu and then select the “Link Bank Account” or “Link Account” option.

5. Add Contact Information

After entering your bank account information, you must also enter your contact information. Include contact information, such as Whatsapp number and email.

6. Add Affiliate Products

You act as a creator running the TikTok Affiliate program at this stage. The first step in starting a TikTok Affiliate program is adding affiliate products. Here are the steps you must take.

  1. Select the “Login” option on the shopping cart icon in the “Profile” menu of the TikTok page.
  2. TikTok will redirect you to the TikTok Shop page.
  3. Scroll down the screen until you find “Add affiliate product”, then select “Add” on one of the products.
  4. Next, TikTok will redirect to the TikTok Affiliate registration page. Complete the requested information and click “Submit” when finished.
  5. TikTok Affiliate registration has been successful. Now, you can add the desired affiliate products.
  6. Wait until the seller approves the request.
  7. Once approved, you can start promoting the product and adding product links to the uploaded TikTok video content.

Strategy for Running a TikTok Affiliate

1. Create Interesting and Creative Content

Create content that is interesting and relevant to the target audience. Make sure to write an interesting caption. You can also use the right hashtags to increase the visibility of the content.

2. Increase interaction

Responsiveness is one thing that should be remembered. Increasing interaction with TikTok users can increase the number of followers. You can interact with followers by giving likes, comments, or following.

3. Choose Relevant and Quality Products

The key to success in the TikTok affiliate program is choosing products or services relevant to the audience. Choose products you believe in and can add value to your followers. Make sure the product has good quality and can meet customer expectations.

4. Use Popular Hashtags and Trends

The power of hashtags and popular trends plays an essential role in the affiliate program’s success. Using product-relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your content. Additionally, follow viral trends to maximize potential audience reach.

5. Include Affiliate Links Strategically

Affiliate links are the bridge between your promotions and earnings. Strategically include affiliate links in your video description or within the video itself. Make sure to provide an attractive and straightforward call to action (CTA) to followers so they can click the link and take the desired action.

6. Be honest

It is important to remain honest in promoting products. Be honest about your experience with the product or service. Followers will respond better if they feel you are providing honest recommendations and not just trying to sell something.

That’s the information about how to register as a TikTok Affiliate without minimal followers. By registering for free and relying on your ability to promote products, you can make a profit. Of course, the TikTok platform can provide benefits for your business and sellers, as well as helping to increase business profits.

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