Highlight: IP rights enforcement in Portugal

Highlight: IP rights enforcement in Portugal

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Enforcement of legal rights

i Probable venues for enforcementIntellectual Home Court

In most situations, when there is an infringement of mental property rights, this infringement will be issue to civil legislation.8 In these kinds of conditions, the action need to be introduced ahead of the specialised court docket, namely the Intellectual Residence Courtroom.

Court of Prison Jurisdiction

In addition to civil steps, there are also quite a few situations of prison offences for the infringement of mental home rights. When this comes about, the capable courtroom will be the felony court docket of initial occasion. The most popular cases of prison offences are situations of products counterfeiting.

Arbitral Tribunal

The INPI is a lover of the Arbitration Tribunal (ARBITRARE), which provides by itself as an institutionalised arbitration centre of countrywide scope inside of the network of Portuguese arbitration centres supported by the point out. The simple fact of ARBITRARE’s existence means that quite a few disputes are addressed to it through the INPI or even by the functions worried. Having said that, there is nothing at all to avoid other arbitral tribunals from becoming employed.

ii Needs for jurisdiction and location

As mentioned higher than, the infringement of intellectual property rights may possibly lead to civil or criminal action, therefore primary to the jurisdiction of the Intellectual Home Court docket or the Prison Jurisdiction Court.

In Portugal, when the violation of the IP ideal is recognised, the to start with response of the applicant, both by by themselves or through an agent, is commonly to deliver a stop and desist letter to the infringer stating that they should really stop the unlawful actions below penalty of the applicant obtaining to vacation resort to the suitable lawful indicates to solve the trouble. This discover is not obligatory but is an alternate indicates to stay clear of litigation. If, even immediately after sending the stop and desist letter, the infringer proceeds to act illegally, the legal rights holder has the ideal to deliver an motion before the qualified court. If, on the opposite, the offender accepts the notice, the parties might then attempt to access an arrangement (e.g., by way of arbitral tribunals).

In terms of repercussions, the punishment of the offender can be established according to 3 styles of responsibilities.

Misdemeanour accountability

The offender shall be punished with a wonderful of concerning €3,000 and €30,000, in the scenario of a lawful man or woman, and concerning €750 and €3,740, in the case of a natural human being, when practising the following acts:

  1. unfair levels of competition
  2. use in their establishment ads, correspondence, merchandise, or companies or in any other way the title or insignia that constitutes a copy or imitation of a title, insignia or emblem currently registered by other individuals
  3. production, importing, getting, or trying to keep for themselves or for some others constituent signs of registered trademarks, names, insignia, logotypes, designations of origin or geographical indications and
  4. use in the title or insignia of their establishment or logotype the title or corporation title belonging to the applicant.

Civil liability

In addition to a wonderful, the offender could nonetheless be liable to compensate the rights holder for damage or losses and could be prohibited from practising specified actions.

The payment will be calculated based mostly on the income received by the offender on the problems or reduction of revenue experienced by the hurt celebration, getting into account the costs incurred in the safety, investigation and termination of the prejudicial conduct to their proper. The rights holder might, in sure circumstances, be compensated for non-pecuniary harm.

The court, in its determination, could also decide accent measures, this sort of as short term inhibition on the exercise of specific pursuits or professions, deprivation of the suitable to participate in fairs or marketplaces, or the short-term or long lasting closure of their institution.

Legal legal responsibility

In Portugal, the law offers for diverse forms of sanctions depending on the variety of crime fully commited.

A penalty of imprisonment of up to a few a long time or a high-quality of up to 360 days will be utilized to those people who:

  1. manufacture the artefacts or solutions protected by the patent or utility model
  2. employ or implement the means or procedures that are the item of the patent or utility design
  3. reproduce or imitate, totally or partially, a registered layout, designation of origin or registered geographical indication
  4. explore a registered style and design belonging to yet another
  5. import or distribute goods acquired by any of these modes
  6. counterfeit, totally or partly, or by any other indicates reproduce a registered trademark
  7. imitate a registered trademark, absolutely or partially, or its attribute areas
  8. use counterfeited or imitated marks or logos belonging to many others or
  9. use, in their solutions, services, establishment or enterprise, a registered trademark belonging to an additional.

A penalty of imprisonment of up to 18 months or a good of up to 120 times will be applied to those who provide, set into circulation or conceal counterfeit merchandise.

A penalty of imprisonment of up to 1 yr or a fantastic of up to 120 times will be used to people who in negative religion get hold of a patent, utility design or layout registration that does not legitimately belong to them.

iii Getting appropriate proof of infringement and discovery

The Portuguese lawful regime allows for certain varieties of proof in courtroom. About intellectual house rights, the IPC expressly offers for measures to receive evidence as nicely as steps to preserve evidence.

In respect of measures for obtaining evidence, when the evidence is in the possession, dependence or regulate of the opposing social gathering or a 3rd get together, the fascinated bash may perhaps ask for the court docket to have the proof developed. At the time of the request to the court, the fascinated occasion will have to justify the existence by offering a adequate summary of proof of an infringement of the industrial house legal rights.

As regards measures for the preservation of proof, these may be required any time there is a breach or a concern that the 3rd social gathering will lead to critical and tough-to-repair service destruction to the industrial property suitable. Measures to preserve evidence could consist of a comprehensive description, with or with out the getting of samples, or the real seizure of the goods suspected of infringing industrial residence legal rights and, when suitable, the seizure of the elements and devices applied in the creation or distribution of such items, as very well as the relevant paperwork.

iv Trial determination-maker

Given that 2012, there has been a specialised court with jurisdiction to offer with mental home issues – the aforementioned Intellectual House Tribunal. This court docket is currently composed of a few judges specialised in intellectual home liable for all litigation of to start with occasion in intellectual home matters. This will not be the situation if litigation is settled by choice suggests.

v Composition of the demo

The method begins with the rights holder lodging an motion just before the courtroom. These actions comprise the points and the relevant regulation by which the infringement of the appropriate is alleged. It is also at this time that the proof is connected even so, there is nothing to prevent the court from subsequently requesting supplemental items of proof. Following the lodging of the motion by the rights holder, the infringer may file a response to the motion in the identical conditions as the author did.

Right after an original assessment of the circumstance by the decide, a preliminary hearing is commonly scheduled and, usually, an try for the events to reach an agreement is proposed by the judge. If there is no settlement, any existing irregularities of the process are solved, the subject make any difference of the proceedings and themes of evidence are defined, and the procedure will then proceed to demo. It is through the demo that witnesses and specialists are heard. Once the output of proof has been completed and the last allegations have been handed down, the decide assesses the complete course of action and issues a determination. This final decision is afterwards revealed in the Industrial Property Bulletin.

vi Infringement

As described higher than, when the rights holder sees their appropriate threatened, they need to suggest an motion. Even though the action has to comply with the procedural requirements needed by law (this sort of as legitimacy, jurisdiction of the courtroom, benefit of the case, among the other folks), there is no obligation pertaining to its structure. Having said that, the usual construction is a tripartite composition: facts that underlie the action, grounds of regulation and, lastly, the requests (these are mandatory).

vii Time to a to start with-stage determination

The time taken to access a selection will rely on the kind of motion that has been proposed. When an motion is brought just before a court of felony jurisdiction, the typical conclusion time varies from a 12 months and a fifty percent to three a long time. If it consists of an action of competence of the Intellectual Assets Courtroom, it is widespread to have a court docket determination up to 6 months from the day of the motion.

viii Solutions

In the Portuguese legislation procedure, when transposing the Enforcement Directive,9 the legislature made a decision to regulate interim actions autonomously in the IPC and in the Code of Copyright and Similar Rights. An write-up was then included in each with the pursuing wording:

Anytime there is a violation or a panic of many others triggering major and really hard to restore harm to the industrial residence correct, the courtroom may, at the ask for of the fascinated social gathering, purchase the correct actions to:

a) inhibit any imminent infringement or

b) prohibit the continuation of the violation.

In addition to precautionary measures, there are also proof preservation steps, which are reviewed higher than.10

ix Appellate assessment

The shortage of offered judicial assets obliged the countrywide legislature to restrict the admissibility of appeals, in distinct appeals to the Court of Justice. Therefore, it is feasible to charm the determination of the Mental Home Court to the courtroom of enchantment, but it will no longer be possible to appeal against this latter determination.

Appeals from the court of attractiveness will be admitted to the Supreme Courtroom of Justice only under the civil procedural law, where by appeals are usually admitted to the Supreme Courtroom. These situations are outlined in the Portuguese Civil Technique Code and are as follows:

  1. when the scenario is of a price bigger than the jurisdiction of the court of enchantment and the contested choice is unfavourable to the appellant in an sum above that court’s jurisdiction and
  2. regardless of the worth of the lead to and of loss, an enchantment is generally admissible:
    • when it is based on the violation of guidelines of worldwide jurisdiction, on the rules of jurisdiction primarily based on issue or hierarchy, or in the scenario of an offence of res judicata and
    • in decisions rendered in the scope of the very same legislation and on the identical elementary question of regulation, against the perfectly-established jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Justice.

x Alternatives to litigationArbitration

As outlined over,11 arbitral tribunals have a suitable role in the region of mental home in Portugal. Arbitral tribunals seem to be the most used alternative to litigation in Portugal. In the Portuguese lawful process, the judgment of an arbitral tribunal and the sentence issued by a court docket of legislation have the exact same authorized pressure. If a occasion fails to comply with an arbitral choice, the opposing occasion is entitled to attractiveness to a court docket of first occasion to execute the selection rendered by the arbitral tribunal. Arbitration proceedings have a optimum duration of 12 months.

Justices of the peace

Although arbitral tribunals are most frequently applied, the interested parties may possibly also resort to justices of the peace. However, justices of the peace are minimal by the issue issue of the proceedings. These particular situations have the competence to solve only particular conflicts (e.g., those relating to contracts, house and use).

Commonly, the method begins with the assignment of a mediator by the Ministry of Justice who will try out to get the functions in conflict to arrive at an arrangement. If this is not attainable, the scenario is referred to a justice of the peace.12 The final decision of the justice of the peace has the exact benefit as a sentence of a classic courtroom. Ultimately, if the conflict has a benefit better than €2,500, it will constantly be probable to appeal to a courtroom of initially instance to review the determination.


And lastly, mediation is doable. After once again, the resolution of the conflict is dependent on the functions, though there is also a mediator existing. The change concerning this choice indicates of resolution is that, listed here, the mediator can’t choose it is the parties themselves that have to achieve a decision collectively.