Functions of Apple AirTag: Tracking Made Simple

Apple AirTag is an Apple device that has been around since 2021. Many users use Apple AirTag to track lost loved items such as keys and bags. Apple AirTag will be connected to the “Find My” application, accessed via Apple iOS and MacOS devices. Through the “Find My” application, users can find out the location of the AirTag in real time.

So, what is the function of Apple AirTag? The process of Apple AirTag is to track the position of an item by attaching an Apple AirTag to the object. The Apple AirTag function is handy for knowing the part of something so that it remains within reach. In this article, there are five functions of the Apple AirTag which can be a reason to buy an Apple AirTag. Come on, look at the following explanation.

What is Apple AirTag?

Before knowing the five functions of Apple AirTag, it’s good to know what Apple AirTag is. Apple AirTag is a Bluetooth-based tracking accessory that Apple released in April 2021. Apple AirTag is a device made by Apple that can be attached to various objects, namely keys, wallets, bags, and even pets. The function of Apple AirTag is to track items embedded with the Apple AirTag itself.

Not only does the Apple AirTag know the location, but the Apple AirTag has a built-in speaker that can make a marker sound to find out the site of an object when it wants to be found. Apple AirTag has a battery life of up to one year and can be replaced when it runs out of power.

Apple AirTag can connect with Apple devices via Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE. It also allows users to view the location history of objects related to the Apple AirTag. Apple AirTag has excellent point accuracy, considering that Apple AirTag has Ultra-Wideband or UWB technology. After knowing what an Apple AirTag is, let’s find out several Apple AirTag functions which can be a reason to buy an Apple AirTag.

Apple Air Tag
Apple Air Tag

Track Suitcases and Bags on Vacation

The first function of Apple AirTag is to track suitcases and bags while on holiday or travelling. Users can put Apple AirTag in suitcases and bags. Moreover, suitcases used for holidays often must be recovered or included somewhere. This first function can be a reason to buy the right Apple AirTag for frequent travel users. Through the “Find My” application, users can easily find out where their bag or suitcase is.

Know your child’s position when travelling.

The following function of the Apple AirTag is to know the child’s position when travelling. This Apple AirTag function will be handy for parents who have young children. Apple AirTag functions to continuously monitor your child’s work when they are in a crowd. It is not uncommon for young children to separate themselves in public places. If parents miss a second of supervision, the child will be lost.

As a parent, giving an Apple AirTag to your child when travelling in public is the right choice. Considering the small size of the Apple AirTag, children can put it in a bag or clothing pocket. With this, parents can know their child’s position when not with them.

Apple Air Tag
Apple Air Tag

Track Frequently Lost Keys

The following function of Apple AirTag is to track keys that are often lost. Keys are often lost either at home or in the car. This is normal, considering that keys are small and difficult to find. So, do you often need to remember where the key is when you want to use it? If yes, an Apple AirTag could be a solution to avoid this incident.

Looking for lost keys will waste the user’s time and cause panic. Using Apple AirTag, users can attach Apple AirTag to a collection of keys like a key chain. Once the user has activated the Apple AirTag, the user will no longer be afraid of losing the key when they want to use it.

Vehicle Parking Location Reminder

The following function of Apple AirTag is as a reminder of vehicle parking locations in public places such as shopping centres. Users can place Apple AirTag in the vehicle. This function is handy for people who frequently travel by car. This function of the Apple AirTag can be a reason to consider buying an Apple AirTag.

Track Pets Outside the Home

The final function of Apple AirTag is to track pets outside the house. Do you have a pet that often leaves the house for a walk? Cats and dogs are the pets that most often go outside for a walk. As a pet owner, it is natural to feel worried if your pet gets lost and cannot return home.

If you experience this, you can use Apple AirTag on your pet. With Apple AirTag, you can know your pet’s position periodically without fear of losing your beloved pet. You can easily hang the Apple AirTag around your pet’s neck like a tag necklace. You can also customize your Apple AirTag with your pet’s name to make it even more personal.

Unfortunately, several individuals misuse Apple AirTag devices to stalk other people. This isn’t comforting because it can invade individual privacy. However, Apple AirTag users don’t need to worry because users can find out if a foreign Apple AirTag is embedded around the user. However, you don’t need to worry, considering that Apple applies high security to the Apple AirTag and the “Find My” application.

That explains the five functions of the Apple AirTag, which can be a reason to buy an Apple AirTag. Apple AirTag is the right choice for users who want to keep track of their favourite items so they can be easily found. The advantage of Apple AirTag is Apple’s very secure level of privacy to avoid unwanted data leaks. So, Apple AirTag has benefits and valuable functions to help users’ daily lives.

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