Essential Skills to Look for When You Hire App Developer in India

When You Hire App Developer in India

The success of any app development project is broader than just the technical expertise and coding skills of the developers. To ensure you hire the best developer for your project, you need to think out of the box and base your decision on other aspects rather than just technical expertise and coding skills. 

These skills are critical to creating a successful mobile app, irrespective of the niche. While coding skills have always been an essential factor to consider when hiring app developers. But it is not the only parameter to measure the developer’s skill. 

Alongside technical skills, a suitable app developer in India should possess creativity, Aptitude, and other non-technical skills. This article will explain some essential qualities and skills to look for when you hire app developer in India. 

Skills to Look for When You Hire App Developer in India

Developers’ Aptitude to problem-Solving

One of the essential skills for app developers is the ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently. App developers who have proven their excellence in previous projects can identify the primary user issues that need to be addressed and come up with suitable solutions. They also have a creative mindset that allows them to devise innovative ways to tackle challenges.

This skill is essential for remote app developers, who may not have immediate access to their project leader or other team members. They need to be able to work independently and find answers to their questions without relying on others.

To hire app developer in India, you should evaluate their problem-solving Aptitude after the initial technical screening and test. You can do this by conducting an interview where you can ask them practical questions related to the app solutions they have already built.

Developers’ Expertise in Native Technologies

App developers need to master the native OS platforms and technologies that are essential for app projects, such as Android and iOS. They need to be proficient in at least two native programming languages, such as Java or Kotlin for Android and Swift or Objective C for iOS.

This will enable them to write app code for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Even if they use cross-platform frameworks for developing mobile and web apps, they still need to learn these native technologies.

Swift is the language that is used to build iOS and macOS apps for various Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. 

Kotlin is the language that is used to build native Android apps. Java is a versatile programming language that can be used for both Android and web apps. These languages are fundamental skills required to hire app developer in India.

Skills for Developing Cross-Platform Apps 

Cross-platform apps are top-rated and in high demand; only the best developers can create them. They have the advantage of providing a native user experience while also allowing the reuse of code like hybrid technologies. They offer a unique value proposition for both iOS and Android, as well as web and desktop.

Cross-platform app developers need to have a strong knowledge of core web development technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. 

These languages are the foundation of most cross-platform development frameworks, so they are essential. Before you hire app developer in India, ensure their proficiency in at least one of the leading cross-platform frameworks, such as React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin.

Clean App Programming Ability

When you decide to hire app developer in India, evaluate their experience on multiple projects and their ability to write clean codes. This is the most crucial skill required for a successful developer as it showcases their ability to write quicker codes and streamline the testing procedure. As clean code leads to fewer errors and bugs, the quality assurance process after the development becomes seamless and quick. 

Additionally, the clean code also helps in having precise documentation, which guides the changes in the future. With well-articulated documentation, the development team in the future can make changes more easily and quickly. It also helps create references for the community and ensures faster modular changes. 

For instance, despite being the widely used programming language, React Native still has concerns about clean and transparent coding in its syntax. This is where adapt app developers can bring more value to the framework and apps built using it. 

Understanding of UI Design & Back-end Development

UI design and backend development are essential components of creating a successful web or mobile application. UI design deals with the visual presentation and interaction of the user interface, while back-end development handles the logic and functionality of the application. 

Here are some best practices for UI design and back-end development:

  • UI/UX Design: Understanding of UI/UX design principles like micro-interactions, responsive design, navigation patterns, touch interactions, etc. 
  • Front-End Development: Expertise in front-end programming languages like Swift for iOS or Java for Android and React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin for cross-platform app development.
  • Back-End Development: Understanding of Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, or PHP and database systems like MongoDB and MySQL. 

Testing Skills

When you hire app developer in India, you need to ensure they have testing skills to enhance the quality of their code. Testing skills involve finding and fixing coding errors or bugs that may occur after building the functions. 

A skilled app developer should be able to not only resolve all the coding issues and errors but also optimize the code for better performance and user experience. The developer should also be familiar with the QA processes that are followed throughout the development phase. 

The developer should be able to collaborate effectively with the QA testing team to ensure that the app meets the expected standards and requirements. Therefore, evaluating how well the developer knows the QA processes is essential, from bug-fixing skills to code improvement.


As a business, you may have unique methods to evaluate the skills of app developers in India, but the techniques are pretty similar to what we have mentioned above. All the skills mentioned above are necessary to ensure you hire app developer in India who is equally talented, skillful, and adaptive. 


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