Demand in Canada for Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers in 2023

Demand in Canada for Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers is continually on the rise. These professionals are needed by any business or company for creating innumerable connections, developing networks, and having a steady flow of sales. So if you wish to Apply for express entry Canada you have to first check eligibility for Canada PR.

The functions performed by Advertising, Marketing, or Public Relations Managers are essential for promoting and generating any kind of economic growth in a company.

A nationwide survey in Canada has revealed data about Marketing and Public Relations jobs in the country. Accordingly, the Public Relations sector is rapidly expanding and approximately 36,200 fresh jobs are likely to be accessible by 2026. These include a few of the largest agencies in Canada to small boutique firms.

Canada offers highly competitive salaries to experienced Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations Managers who can anticipate earning $108300 to $68400 per year.

The Public Relations sector approximately generates annual revenue of $775 million in Canada and employs more than 6,000 skilled professionals. The Marketing and Media firms with the fastest growth in Canada enhanced their revenue by an average of 1223.66{f25b08510a848de72daf994cf4f788facacd51f75a5a50cf973c92cebca6f135} from 2013 to 2019. These few facts are an indicator of the thriving nature of the Media, Marketing, and Public Relations firms in Canada. 

The NOC Code for Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising occupations in Canada is 10022.

Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising are currently highly demanded occupations in Canada. They are employed primarily by industrial and commercial establishments and also Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising firms or consulting businesses across the nation.

Now let us briefly analyze the career prospects in Canada in each of the three industries:  


Marketing is a crucial process essential for businesses of all types. It involves the sale of services or products offered by the company. Marketing assists in connecting buyers with sellers and creating a network of retailers and customers in a commercial setup.  It is among the major aspects in the process of development of any business.

The policies of the Government of Canada are pretty forthcoming towards individuals seeking Marketing roles in the nation. There are no specific legal policies and licensure conditions for the Marketing and PR sector in Canada. This offers skilled workers abundant chances to freely work in diverse provinces and cities in the country.

Innumerable job prospects are present in the Marketing industry with various job roles in different sectors in the non-corporate or corporate businesses. Some of the lucrative marketing roles in Canada include:

  •         Digital Marketing Specialist
  •         Marketing Analyst
  •         Product Marketing Manager


All are well aware that for selling a service or product it is necessary that the people or general public are aware of the product or service. The process that helps in creating this awareness in the general public is what is known as Advertising. In simpler terms, it means announcing the availability of the service or product to people for consumption.

Canada is among the largest nations that have great job prospects for professionals seeking Advertising job roles. The terms Marketing and Advertising are used reciprocally often. However, there is a difference in these two terms as well as the job roles in each domain.

Advertising is a component of marketing entailing the promotion of a business, its services, or its products through paid channels in media.

Public Relations

The process of communication that helps brands in connecting with their target audience is known as Public Relations. It requires the PR professionals to persuade, engage and develop ties with the key stakeholders in the company.

Canada has a huge number of PR occupations. The hourly wage for these full-time professionals in the finance and business domain is $40 onwards. It is inclusive of professional occupations in communications and public relations.

Title Examples

  •         Administrator – Advertising
  •         Manager – Advertising Agency
  •         Advertising Manager
  •         Advertising Director
  •         Manager – Agency Marketing Department
  •         Sales and Advertising – Business Manager
  •         Manager – Channel Marketing
  •         Campaign Manager
  •         Circulation Manager
  •         Manager – Commercial Network Development
  •         Communications Director
  •         Communications Manager
  •         Sales and Marketing – Communications Director
  •         Public Relations – Communications Manager
  •         Corporate Affairs Manager
  •         Manager – Correspondence and Public Inquiries
  •         Election Campaign Manager
  •         E-Commerce Manager
  •         E-Business Manager
  •         Director – External Relations
  •         Manager – Graphic Design Firm
  •         Manager – Fundraising Campaign
  •         Manager Information and Communications
  •         Information Service Manager
  •         Internet Site Manager
  •         Internet communications Manager
  •         Manager – Marketing Services
  •         Market Development Manager
  •         Marketing Director
  •         Marketing Executive
  •         Marketing Manager
  •         Online Marketing Manager
  •         Media Relations Director
  •         Media Advertising Manager
  •         Media Relations Manager
  •         Promotions Manager
  •         Public Affairs Director

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