Custom Embroidery Digitizing – Steps & Benefits To Know!

Custom embroidery digitizing! It is a special process in which you have to convert the design or image in a format that will be only read by embroidery machine. You need to be precise to get the best quality results and the process acts as a backbone for the embroidery industry.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the steps included in the process along with the benefits for your consideration:

Steps In Custom Embroidery Digitizing

The process has different steps which help in getting the best quality embroidery file that will be only read by the embroidery machine. Below are the details of the steps you should know:

1- Image/Design Selection

Firstly, you have to make a proper decision of image or design selection. It can be anything like artwork, logo, or even a photograph. You need to ensure that the quality is good because ultimately it is going to affect the end results.

2- File Conversion

In the next step of the process, you have to convert the selected image or design into a digital file that is going to be read by the embroidery machine. You can do the conversion with the help of specific software that will be converting the image in a format that is optimized for the embroidery.

Note that embroidery specific formats are needed so that the embroidery machine can understand the instructions. You can’t use the standard image formats for the work. Therefore, you have to convert image to EXP or any other embroidery specific format like DST, EMB, PES, and many more.

3- Digitizing

After the conversion of a design or image in a digital file, the next important step is digitizing. In this, you have to break down the image in individual stitches and develop a stitch file that will be only compatible and understood by the embroidery machine being used. A competent digitizer is going to keep different factors in mind that includes type of thread, type of fabric, and direction of stitch. All these things are important to ensure that final embroidery is of the best quality.

4- Testing

Now, it is turn for testing in the custom embroidery digitizing process. This is necessary to identify that the file is optimized well for the fabric and embroidery machine. The testing is going to identify the issues like uneven stitching, breaking of threads or any other problems which will be corrected before the production of the final product.

5- Final Embroidery

Once the proper testing is completed and all the adjustments are done, the final embroidery is ready to be produced. The embroidery machine is going to read the digital file and it will be producing the embroidery as per the programmed stitches.

Benefits That You Need To Know

Now, we will be looking at the the benefits of the custom embroidery digitizing that one should keep in their mind:

Accuracy & Precision

The process enables you to do the accurate and precise stitching that is ideal for developing best quality embroidery. By splitting down the image in individual stitches, a competent digitizer ensures that the final product is of best quality.


A versatile process indeed and you can use it for developing a different range of products that include jackets, shirts, hats, bags, and many more. The versatility is a perfect choice for the sports teams, businesses, and events for the individuals who want to develop personalized and unique products.


The process is a more durable option that helps in developing personalized products. If you compare it with printing, it is way better because it will not fade away easily and no peeling issue over the time. As embroidery is made with the help of threads, it will not deteriorate.

Marketing & Branding

If you are a company who is going to market the products or have intention for the branding, then digitizing embroidery on custom purpose is the best thing you can do. You can get your promotional items, uniform, or corporate gifts embroidered. It will easily help you to promote your products in front of the customers.

Final Thoughts

Custom embroidery digitizing is a complex process that needs proper expertise and skill to complete the task. It will include the conversion of design or logo in a digital embroidery file which is going to be read by embroidery machine. The file will contain the information regarding the embroidery pattern which comprises length, density, and color of stitch. Connect with a professional company to get the service by a team of professionals and get the best quality work with a quick turnaround time.

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