What is the best Season to visit Chardham Yatra by road in 2023?

The Chardham Yatra is a pilgrimage tour in Uttarakhand that takes pilgrims to four prominent temples in the state: Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. All these temples worship Goddess Yamuna, Goddess Ganga, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu. Nowadays, people are opting for Chardham Yatra by road where it takes 10-12 days to complete the entire yatra and seek blessings from the deities. The entire yatra is physically and mentally demanding where pilgrims need to travel about 1,607 km starting from Haridwar and ending at Rishikesh.

Apart from that, Yamunotri and Kedarnath dhams require 6 km and 16 km respectively. The Chardham temples remain closed for a period of six months and then open after a period of six months. Hence, it is important that you plan your yatra well in advance and also select the right time to travel. So this ensures that you can make darshans well and you have no trouble during the yatra. If you are considering conducting the yatra by road, then booking the Chardham yatra Package from Haridwar can be an ideal option.

Let’s check what is the best time to embark on the Chardham Yatra, the Chardham Yatra Route map, and the packages offered by LIH Travel.

The Best Time To Consider Chardham Yatra By Road

The best time to perform the Chardham yatra by car in 2023 is from April to the initial weeks of June before the arrival of the monsoon. Monsoon depends from June or July to August and these months make travelling very inconvenient. There can be incidences of floods and landslides and the roads become very slippery and cause trouble. Even so, it makes trekking difficult and the monsoon is very risky. Let’s have a detailed look at every season:

Summer season

The summertime, from April to June, when the temples open, is the ideal period to plan your Chardham yatra. During this, pilgrims can expect clear skies, good weather, and comfortable temperature. However, the weather can drop during the night, so bring plenty of warm clothing. You can comfortably complete the Yatra, go on the trek, and also enjoy sightseeing as the surroundings look beautiful.

Monsoon season

So the next is the monsoon season which spans from June to August, making travelling a big problem. The regions experience high rainfall which can cause landslides and also floods. The roads are also not safe, which makes travelling very risky on such roads.

Pre-Winter Season

The pre-winter season starts in September and acts as a post-monsoon season, which makes travelling convenient. The skies are clear, the weather is also pleasant and also the views are stunning with stunning lush greenery and beauty all around. Hence, you can plan the Chardham yatra by road during September. LIH Travel is accepting bookings for September. Hence, you can plan your Yatra during this period.

Winter Season

So during October-November, the winter starts here and also the temples close during this period. Winters are very harsh here and there is heavy snowfall here which makes the area inaccessible here. Hence, the temples remain closed to pilgrims.

Opening & Closing Of The Chardham Temples

The Chardham Temples open during the Akshaya Tritiya of every year which falls in the month of April and May. This day is very auspicious and from this period, pilgrims can start with the yatra. On the occasion of Bhaiya Dooj, the temples close their doors during October or November. Hence, for the period of six months, the temples remain open.

Chardham Yatra Map by Road

So here is the Chardham yatra from Delhi route:

Chota Chardham Yatra Road Route
Delhi – Haridwar
Haridwar – Barkot
Barkot – Yamunotri
Barkot – Uttarkashi
Uttarkashi – Gangotri
Uttarkashi – Rudraprayag
Rudraprayag – Kedarnath
Rudraprayag – Badrinath
Badrinath – Rishikesh


How To Plan Your Chardham Yatra By Road?

A few essential tips that will help you plan your Chardham Yatra by road are as follows:

  • Check the opening and closing dates of the Chardham Yatra 2023 2-3 months earlier before your actual date. Then, check the weather at that time, and then proceed to book your Yatra package.
  • Also, there are helicopter packages available that can help you complete your yatra in 5-6 days in case you have time limitations or can’t take the road trip. Hence, choose the one that is suitable for you.
  • Pack your woollen clothes with you, carry rain gear, and comfortable shoes, and also have some dry fruits, ORS, and your prescription medications with us.
  • Although there are no ATMs nearby, bring cash with you.
  • It is advisable not to carry any valuables and only carry the important things for your yatra.


So this is how you can plan the Chardham Yatra by Road. Make sure to make advance bookings and avoid the rainy season so that you avoid any risks and have a comfortable yatra.

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