Tips to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus in Last 30 Days

The CA Foundation exam holds importance for aspiring Chartered Accountants. It is essential to prepare effectively for success. However, you may find yourselves with enough time to complete the CA Foundation course for various reasons. While starting your preparation well in advance is ideal, there’s no need to panic if you have 30 days remaining. With the right approach and dedication, you can efficiently cover all four subjects at CA Foundation. In this article, we will provide tips to help you complete the Foundation syllabus in 30 days and increase your chances of success.

In addition, ICAI announced that students can begin filling out the CA Foundation Exam form for the Nov 2023 exam on August 2. The last to fill out the form is August 23, 2023. Also, ICAI will release the CA Foundation result in the first week of August. You can check the complete information with the link mentioned.

Important Tips To Complete The CA Foundation Syllabus In The Last 30 Days

1. Create a Study Plan to Complete CA Foundation Syllabus

With just 30 days left, having a properly organized study plan becomes crucial. Divide the syllabus into sections. Allocate sufficient time for each subject. Prioritize topics based on their weightage and your comfort level with them. Make a schedule after downloading the CA Foundation syllabus PDF.  Include study hours, breaks, revisions, and mock tests.

2. Emphasize High Weightage Topics

Identify subjects and topics that carry weightage in the CA Foundation exam. Devote time and effort to these areas, as performing in them will significantly enhance your overall marks. It is crucial to cover all topics. Giving attention to areas with high scores can be strategically advantageous.

3. Make Use of ICAI and Other Relevant Study Materials

Use the study material provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) as your resource to cover your entire CA Foundation syllabus. So the ICAI material will provide coverage of the syllabus and valuable insights into the exam pattern. Ensure you thoroughly understand the concepts and take notes to help revise.

4. Practice More and Focus only on ICAI CA Foundation Syllabus

Practice is critical. Solving tests, sample papers, and years of question papers is vital in the last 30 days before the exam. Regular practice improves your understanding of the subjects, enhances time management skills, and boosts confidence. Hence, aim to solve one test per subject to evaluate your level of preparedness.

5. Do Proper Time Management According to Your CA Foundation Syllabus

Effective time management is crucial for completing the CA Foundation syllabus during the last month. To keep focused and avoid fatigue, schedule breaks between study sessions. Make a study schedule that includes revisions, mock tests, and practice papers. Follow this schedule diligently to ensure you cover the syllabus.

6. Clear Your Doubts

Also, you must clear your doubts the moment they come. Take help from teachers, fellow mates, or any other reliable source and don’t let your doubts stay for long, or it may be challenging.

7. Focus On Your Mental Health

During this phase of preparation, prioritise your mental health. It’s essential to get sleep, eat meals and stay hydrated. Activities or relaxation techniques can help you relieve stress and keep your mind fresh.

8. Avoid Reading Any New Topics

Avoid taking up any new concepts during the last 30 days of CA Foundation Syllabus preparation. Focusing on new subjects may cause confusion and disrupt your studying flow. Instead, concentrate on revising what you have already learned and on clearing your concepts to help you clear the exams on the first attempt.

9. Take Breaks

While the last 30 days are crucial, it’s important not to exhaust yourself. Take intervals between study sessions to allow your mind to relax and avoid tiredness. Sleeping each night is also vital for maintaining freshness and alertness during study hours.

10. Have A Positive Mindset

Maintaining a mindset is key. Believe in your abilities, stay away from negativity and avoid doubting yourself. Surround yourselves with friends and family who will encourage you to do your best. You have worked hard, and you will secure your desired results. So be positive and give your exams with a fresh and optimistic approach.


Successfully covering the CA Foundation syllabus within 30 days takes a mix of discipline, dedication and intelligent approaches. By adhering to the suggestions mentioned in this post, you can effectively complete the syllabus, strengthen your understanding and enhance your confidence before the exam day. Stay focused and maintain a positive mindset. Always remember that persistent effort will lead you to triumph in the CA Foundation exam. Best wishes in your journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant!

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