Best places to visit in Oakland


Oakland is a small city in the north of California. The place is known for its diverse population along with the wide range of tourist attractions that are available here. It is seen that the city has got its name after the shady oak trees and the place has a bearable temperature and amazing weather. If you are going to this place even in the summers, you are still going to have an amazing time here. So, if you have decided to visit the place, then it is important that you book your flights with the cheap flights to Oakland. 

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Oakland museum of California

Are you the one who loves to explore the antiques and the artifacts? Well, then this is the best place for you to be. Here you can get to explore the vast museums and know that the place is a merge of three individual museums which involve portraits, sculptures as well as the artifacts. Here you can know that there are multiple exhibitions, held, festivals and events are also conducted. Moreover., there is a collection of freeze-dried mammal skins as well to know about the history. 

Lake Merritt

Lake Merritt is one of the top tourist attractions. This is even regarded as the Historical site and the place dates back to 1870. Here you can view the lakeside park and spend some time on the grassy shores. The lakeside park is just amazing and getting some time to see the views from here would be very rejoicing for you. You can see various necklace of lights here and pearly bulbs as well.

Redwood regional park

This park is not just a park but a forestland. Here you can explore multiple hiking trails, water fountains, meadows and even the overnight campsites. The site is regarded to be a home to considerable wildlife. The locals and residents of Oakland often visit this place to spend a peaceful time. The redwood trees are 150 feet in height and the park even shows you a natural look.

Morcom Rose Garden

This place is an Amphitheatre of roses and here you can find almost any color and type of rose. With different shapes, sizes, fragrances and even varieties. The place is noted to be very famous for weddings, parties, shoots and the photography enthusiasts can even spend an amazing time here. The place is located amidst the small hill and here you can find ponds, fountains and even the chirp of birds throughout the day.

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Camron Stanford house

This house is regarded to be the first museum of Oakland. It was the last mansion of the 19th century. It is located near Lake Merritt and it is one of the most visited tourist spots here. The place has two storeys where you can find about 8 to 10 rooms. The view from here is astonishingly beautiful and you can even enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.  So, book your tickets so that you can be here and enjoy your trip.

Mountain View Cemetery: 

While it might seem unusual to include a cemetery on a list of attractions, Mountain View Cemetery is more than just a burial ground. Its meticulously landscaped grounds offer a peaceful setting for reflection and leisurely strolls. The cemetery’s notable residents include historical figures, and the impressive mausoleums and monuments showcase intricate architecture.

Oakland First Fridays: 


Oakland First Fridays is a vibrant street festival that celebrates the city’s creative community. On the first Friday of each month, Telegraph Avenue comes alive with art displays, food trucks, live music, and performances. It’s a lively event that brings together locals and visitors alike to experience the city’s artistic spirit.

The Crucible: 

For those interested in hands-on experiences, The Crucible offers workshops in various industrial arts, including blacksmithing, glassblowing, and metalworking. The organization’s mission is to provide access to creative and technical education, and visitors can witness the fusion of art and craftsmanship firsthand.

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