Best Places in Brisbane to Buy an Investment Property

Are you interested in investing in a property in Brisbane? Know that investing may seem overwhelming but it’s worth your time, effort, and money. Making the decision easier for you is possible as you read on this guide towards the Best place to buy investment property


This is a suburb that is mainly a working-class suburb before. This is now one of the most affluent and trendy areas to come visit to. This is full of cafes and restaurants next to the Suncorp Stadium, South Bank, and CBD. This also boasts several entertainment and social needs covered by the people.


This is among the best suburbs in the Brisbane area that you can invest in. This brings about leafy surroundings plus the botanical gardens. You will benefit more from the proximity to the city. This is an upper suburb market famous for professionals and families. One more thing, this is near the CBD while it still provides a connection to nature. Plus, it has amazing local schools.


Stafford is among the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane. This is next to everything like a wide range of shops, schools, and facilities. It indeed is amazing for offering a lot to potential investors. This is advantageous in the sense that it is next to everything like hospitals, shopping centers, and the city. 

Kelvin Grove

This is among the best suburbs you can invest in Brisbane. This promises a good location next to the QUT and CBD. This has many of the suburban signs alongside growth potential. This is even amazing for its proximity to the Queensland University of Technology. This is a very good place to buy investment property especially if you’ve got a lot of kids also as students. 


This is located twelve kilometers from the center of the city. This is even more affordable option than any other for Brisbane investors. There are many high rental demands around with a potential yield making it a promising area for the most suitable investors. One more thing, this is a great opportunity for an entry-level investor like you. If you also buy an investment property, it would more be suitable for rentals. 

Fig Tree Pocket

This is a suburb with a natural atmosphere. This is best suited to those who don’t feel like they are living in a city. This is promising for its ease of access to the city. This is perfect for its relaxing escape at the end of the day. 


This is by far a popular location for professionals and young couples. This is even closer to the public transport options and the city. If you’d like to invest in rental accommodation, you will be getting more interestfrom promising tenants. 


This is one of the best place to buy investment property in Brisbane. This is also in demand since it is closer to the largest employment hubs around the city, the airport and the CBD. This comes with lots of facilities and parklands. You can easily see why it is highlyregarded. This is a safer bet as an investment for those interested in selling down the line. With its good public transport, nearness to the airport and CBD, and elements indicated, it surely will retain its value. 

West End

This place has undergone a huge transformation in the past decades. It turned from being a rough and working-class neighborhood to a glitzy hub of theatre, art, riverside living, and dining. 

This is popular for its frequent busses, impressive bike paths, and city cats. This is a highly accessible suburb alongside the nearness to dining options and arts.

St. Lucia

This is near a major university making it an even more popular place to buy an investment property in Brisbane. This is a well-established and much older and quiet suburb. It has some of the older homes, townhouses, and apartments. This is popular among students, downsizers, and young professionals. It also has an impressive frequency of busses and ferry services. 


This is situated in the middle ring of the suburb in the eastern part of Brisbane. This is observed much for its strong growth. This is next to one of the largest shopping centers. Plus, it is popular for the good infrastructure. It is loved by most families. There are many family-sized homes around plus excellent schools on the list. This is popular with established or younger families. 

Chermside West

This is situated near the main shopping center. This is also surrounded by impressive schools. This is easily accessible to some of the good bus lines and hospitals. This makes it a popular place to buy an investment property in Brisbane. 

This is also amazing for its quiet living offered in the larger standalone homes. This is even more, affordable as compared to Brisbane suburbs. This is much-loved by many from among the suburbs. This is game-changing with the good public transport, plus the city’s accessibility.


This is promising for its many advantages. This is consistent in its growth and popularity with the housing prices. This is appreciated for its nearness to major shopping centers, schools, and family homes. This is indeed a perfect suburb to raise your family. This is even popular for established and young families. 

New Farm

This is a residential plus a riverside neighborhood liked by many in Brisbane. This has got such a village vibe plus conveniences in transport links and schools. This is why it is demanding to be the best place to buy investment property. 


This is another real community that is the best place to buy investment property. This has a strong school catchment plus a cafe strip which locals would flock to. This is now boasting many of the modern and bigger contemporary homes. This has its new Northern Busway and railway stop. 


Taringa is indeed a great suburb with its green and lovely surroundings. It is nearby the city plus it promises good transport with buses and train stations. You will benefit more from living next to the university, cinemas, cafes, sporting fields, and restaurants. This is perfectly suited for an investment property suited for families, university students, and young working professionals.

So, consider these best places to buy investment property in Brisbane!

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