Areas of Practice in Family Law

The field of family law is highly emotional, and attorneys often struggle to balance the emotional and physical demands of the job. Prolonged exposure to such stress can lead to burnout, addictive behaviors, and stress-related illnesses. Additionally, securing payment from clients can be challenging. For example, clients who file for divorce may lose income and assets during the divorce, making obtaining charges extremely difficult.


Adoption can be complicated, and hiring a family law attorney like someone from is crucial to ensuring the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. The adoption process is lengthy, and all the necessary consent must be obtained. These will vary depending on the age of the child to be adopted and the mother’s marital status. In some cases, the father must also consent. A family law attorney can help determine who needs approval and ensure the proper notice is given. Adoption is usually a controversial issue, and natural parents may contest the adoption of their child. In such a case, the court must decide whether or not the adoptive parents are fit to raise the child.


Attorneys specializing in family law can help you navigate the complexities of divorce. Divorce attorneys can work as solo practitioners, in large firms, or even as judges. Many of these attorneys also combine their expertise in other areas. Some work in child support offices or even as research assistants. Attorneys who specialize in divorce also have expertise in domestic violence. A divorce attorney with specialized training will help you navigate the complicated legal world of domestic violence. A legal separation will usually result in a couple not jointly acquiring debts. However, the couple will remain legally married. Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may need to settle related family law concerns, such as spousal support and child custody.

Paternity law

Paternity law involves establishing parentage and paternity. While married couples automatically enjoy parental rights, unmarried parents must demonstrate their legal parentage. This can be an essential step for both mothers and fathers, giving them valuable rights to be involved in the child’s life. Besides determining the paternity of a child, establishing the father’s relationship with the child can give the child valuable parental rights, such as child support, access to social security benefits, and visitation rights. This area of law can be emotionally complex, and a skilled lawyer can help you navigate the process.

Moving-Away cases

In moving-away cases, parents must follow the court’s rulings and conduct themselves in a way that is in the best interests of their children. Unfortunately, the opposing parent often presents evidence of the parent’s poor behavior or intrusiveness, including ignoring previous court orders. These behaviors may also be evidence of bad faith and can be grounds for denying a parent custody of their child. Moving-away cases can grow into total custody battles, and the outcomes of these cases depend on how well they are handled. Proper presentation of evidence and witnesses, including psychologists and expert witnesses, is critical to achieving a positive outcome. Appropriate legal advice is also vital. While foreign court orders may not be enforceable in California, some safeguards can be implemented to ensure compliance. For example, monetary bonds may be used to secure the submission of the moving parent per court orders.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney (POA) can help you manage your affairs. It enables you to name a person to act on your behalf and authorizes that person to grant, encumber, and release property. It’s important to remember that your power of attorney must be signed legally. Usually, it’s done in the presence of a notary public or another individual who can administer oaths. If you give an agent power of attorney in family law, you must ensure they do not misuse it. For example, the agent manages the principal’s property and must keep accurate financial records. In addition, they must provide a periodic account.

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