An Outline of the Sports Scholarships for All Future Athletes

In today’s modern world, scholarships have become compulsory, especially within the competitive sports realm. They stand out as vital tools to empower all aspiring athletes across the globe during their pursuit of excellence. 

There are many organisations that contribute towards this endeavour actively by providing a diverse range of scholarships to students. 

India has many private and government organisations that provide sports scholarships for both international and national sports. 

These kinds of initiatives will offer invaluable resources and support to your child who aims to become an athlete in the future. They will come to realise their dream and also get to reach various levels of success in their respective disciplines.

The Various Levels of Sports Scholarships 

A Sports scholarship is provided to students who wish to make it big in the realm of sports. Your child will get a scholarship for sports like Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Football and many more. 

But these scholarships are only applicable on the CBSE fees class 9 and they range between 35% and 100%. This depends heavily on the number of international and national sports represented by your child and also on their achievement. 

Moreover, these scholarships also have certain levels about which you might not know: 

1.    State Level Scholarships

These scholarships are offered 150 for every state and 100 for every Union Territory. The value of every state-level scholarship is between INR 5,000 and INR 6,600 every year.

2.    National Level Scholarships 

If your child falls under this category, they will get the National Level Scholarship. The value of each of these scholarships is INR 8,4000 every year. 

3.    Scholarships for the University or College Students

This type of scholarship is for university or college students and carries a value of INR 10,200 every year. If your child is a regular bonafide student of a well-recognised university or college and is studying above class 12, he/she will be qualified for this scholarship.

4.    Special Scholarships for all Women

This sports Scholarship is ideal for all those women who are pursuing their PhD/MPhil in the area of physical education. The scholarship is also meant for women who are doing their NIS Diploma in Sports Coaching and also for the Women National Champions. 

The value of these scholarships is INR 10,000, INR 7,500 and INR 18,000, respectively, for every year.


For all the Serious and Ambitious Athletes: Things to Know

There are countless athletes who pay attention to all those sports Scholarships which are provided by their college. The award value will increase greatly when your child is equipped with more athletic qualities, rank and skill.

It’s important for them to keep in contact with the coaches at the school where they wish to enroll. Remember, athletes who do not market themselves properly might be overlooked. 

The college and school coaches heavily recruit students as if they want them on their own teams. It’s important for all aspiring athletes to remember their competition and must put themselves out there and also do the following:

  •     Create a personal athlete profile or a portfolio
  •     Feature the statistics
  •     Display the moments, top plays and the times

It’s important for athletes to do so when they are featured on social media, in newspapers and various other places. When a child makes their own profile or the parents get it done on their behalf, it’s crucial to list down all those schools they’re interested in. 


Sports Subsidy in CBSE Fees Class 9: How Can It Help?

The sports-based scholarships, which are included in the CBSE fees class 9 and 10, is provided to students who excel not just in academics but also in sports. 

These kinds of scholarships are provided to high school and college graduates, but they do differ greatly based on the sport’s terms in which the person excels greatly. 

The sports scholarship that your child can get will also depend on their level of academics or athletics. In a nation like India, all sports-based scholarships are offered to students to get to recognise their respective sportsmanship at the international and national levels.

The type of scholarship your child is offered will not just support their CBSE fees class 9 but will also offer them the chance to perform well in their chosen sport.


Some Myths of Sports Scholarship That You Must Know

As a parent, you might be pretty confused when it comes to sports-based scholarships. It’s primarily because of all the incorrect information and misconceptions about it. Now, let’s check out some of the myths about these scholarships:

  •       Scholarships are available for students who belong to an economically challenged part of society. 
  •       Only the best and top scorers can obtain a scholarship
  •       Students can only apply for one scholarship
  •       Applying for a sports-based scholarship is complex as it includes many steps

Before you think of getting a sports scholarship for your child, be sure to do some research on it and speak with an expert on such matters. 


Signing off

Sports scholarship is ideal for all the future athletes out there. You will come across many kinds of sports-based scholarships for your child and get to choose one after gaining proper knowledge and understanding about it.

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