Top 4 Code-Free Tools To Add Google Reviews To Elementor Website

For internet users, ratings and reviews are like a life-saving resort. For brands and businesses, the internet has provided a great opportunity to establish themselves in the market by having an online presence. Before purchasing online, reviews are an outstanding validation tool that prospective customers look for before making any purchase. And this is where Elementor is a platform assisting brands to have a notable online presence. While creating attractive web pages, Elementor is one of the most prominent picks for users. 

Google reviews help you in developing trust while Elementor assists you in improving your online brand recognition. It is essential to win the trust of consumers in this competitive market nowadays. Brands and businesses are now opting to add Google reviews to Elementor website to make the most of it for their online presence. In this blog, you will learn about fantastic tools that you can use to add Google reviews to your Elementor website. 

Top Review Aggregator Tools To Add Google Reviews To Elementor Website: 

Here are some amazingly handpicked social media aggregator tools that users can take into consideration while adding Google reviews to their Elementor websites. Let’s take a look! 

1. Tagembed 

On our list, the first social media aggregator tool is quite popular among the masses and tops the charts of the developer’s first choice- Tagembed. Tagembed provides integrations from more than 20+ social media platforms. Tagembed allows its users to collect desired content from their preferred platforms and add it to their Elementor website. With a dedicated review widget, Tagembed facilitates the user and this Google review widget can be customized easily as per the design and needs of the website. 

Tagembed offers some additional features that a user can use such as fonts, templates, themes, design options, etc. to make the widget eye-catching. This tool is totally code-free which means users don’t require any technical expertise to access the tool. At each stage of the embedding process, the enthusiastic customer support team of Tagembed will help users and it has a user-friendly interface. 

2. Elfsight 

Elfsight is another social media aggregation platform on our list of top review aggregator tools. From multiple social media platforms, this reliable aggregation tool helps the user to swiftly embed the preferred content. The Elfsight tool makes sure that the user will find no difficulty in the task of embedding the process of Google reviews to their Elementor websites. 

Elfsight offers various creative features that the user can use to make their website stand apart from the competitors. Elfsight is quite a popular choice among website developers that fits all the requirements needed for customizing the review widget as per the user requirements. This tool can be accessed by anyone and it doesn’t require any pro-efficient knowledge of coding. 

3. Trustmary 

Popular and regarded as the one-stop solution for all your embedding requirements to elevate your website game, the next review aggregator toll is Trustmary. To add the desired social feeds from the social media platform that you prefer, Trustmary is an extremely popular embedding tool for users. To unleash the website designer’s creative potential, this tool offers a variety of designing and styling options. 

Trustmary helps to boost the visual appeal of your review widget, as Google reviews on the Elemntor website will add to its charm and feel. Even when the review widget is live, the performance and alignment of the website stay intact. On the Elementor website, the user can easily track and monitor the performance of the review widget. Just like previously mentioned tools, Trustmary is also a coding-free tool that makes the task simple and easy. 

4. SociableKIT 

When it comes to adding Google reviews on your Elementor website without any hassle, SociableKIT is one of the best tools available in the marketplace. This tool also incorporates with some additional features that give an upper hand to users. The procedure of getting onboard is simple and easy with the review widget of the SociableKIt. The review widget of SociableKIT comes with no coding or we can say it is coding-free that will not demand any technical expertise from the user. The users can choose between pages or sections to showcase the Google reviews on the website. 

Benefits Of Adding Google Reviews To The Elementor Website: 

Here are some of the benefits of adding Google reviews to the Elementor website mentioned below. 

1. Provides Credibility 

On your Elementor website, a review widget will provide the credibility and authenticity of the website. 

2. Enhances SEO Rankings 

The SEO ranking of your website would improve subsequently when you add a Google reviews widget to your Elementor website. 

3. Make Website Lively 

To prospective customers and website visitors, the review widget on your website makes it more aesthetically pleasing and lively. 


According to their preferences and feasibility, the aforementioned social media aggregator tools are handpicked for you. All these above-mentioned tools are easy to use and compatible and one more advantage is these tools are coding free. All these features make them an ideal tool to add Google Reviews to your Elementor website in just a few clicks. 

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