How universal ADB driver download works on Linux?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system with over 70{f25b08510a848de72daf994cf4f788facacd51f75a5a50cf973c92cebca6f135} market share worldwide. Under the hood, it uses a modified Linux kernel version for all its core services. Android allows you to update the software of the phone as well as unlock the software. ADB is a great tool to unlock access to the system by connecting your Android to a Linux computer. Here is everything you need to know to use the universal ADB driver download on your Linux machine.

What is ADB: Android Debug Bridge?

Do you ever think about what ADB is? ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It is based on the classic client-server structure. Three main elements make up the whole procedure.

  1. Client: Your PC/Mac/Chromebook is connected to your device. We send commands from our computer to our device via USB cable or wireless.
  2. A daemon: Process (called “adbd”) that runs commands on the device. The daemon runs as a background process on every device.
  3. The server: Manages communication between client and daemon. The server runs as a background procedure on the Linux computer.

How does this trendy tool work?

Because there are three parts that create ADB (the client, the daemon, and the server), this smart tool needs specific parts to be up and operating in the first place. If you keep a freshly booted computer, you will require it to be running before any contact can be sent to your targeted Android device.

Before getting this universal ADB driver download, you have to make sure that the daemon is running. When this ADB assistance is begun, it will continue to listen on a typical port for commands sent by the ADB client. It will then create a connection to all devices running connected to the computer. If your computer was not authorized before, you will now be able to request permission on your Android device.

How to get this universal ADB driver download on Linux

To get started with installing ADB for Linux, go to the Android SDK Platform Tools and scroll down to the “Downloads” section. Now simply click on the Download SDK Platform-Tools for Linux and download the ADB latest version and fastboot as a ZIP file.

Some Linux users should know that it is easier to install the ADB setup on your computer. The below instructions will work for you, but on your Debian or Fedora/SUSE distribution you can skip steps 1 and 2 of the below instructions by using one of the commands below.

  • Debian-based Linux users can simply enter the subsequent command to install ADB: sudo apt-get install ADB Linux
  • The following command can be used to install Fedora/SUSE-based Linux users: sudo yum install android-tools

Simple steps to download this smart tool

After downloading the latest version of ADB on your device, make sure to follow the below steps to go through install ADB drivers on your device. 

  1. Download the latest version of ADB on your device.
  2. Just extract the ZIP file to an easily affordable location.
  3. Open the Terminal window on your device.
  4. Enter the cd /path/to/extracted/folder/ command.
  5. This changes the name of the ADB file to be extracted.
  6. Example: cd /Users/Doug/Desktop/platform-tools/
  7. Connect the device to the Linux machine with a USB cable. Update the “MTP” connection type. Not all devices should do this, but it is recommended to avoid problems. 
  8. With Terminal in the same folder as your ADB device, you can start the ADB daemon with the command: ./adb devices
  9. You will see a prompt asking you to re-enable USB debugging on your smartphones or tablets. 
  10. Finally, re-enter step #8. If all went well, you should now see your device’s serial number in the output in the terminal window. Congratulations to the team! Now you can do everything ADB related on your device! Start customizing your phone with our extensive list of tutorials now!

Way to test this command tool on your Android

After installing this smart tool on your Linux computer, simply test your Android to make sure this universal ADB driver download recognizes your Android. 

  1. Make sure to enable USB debugging on your Android device settings
  2. Connect your Android smartphone to your Linux computer with a proper USB cable.
  3. Open a terminal on your Linux and run the following command: adb device
  4. On your Android smartphone, you’ll obtain a prompt requesting you to allow USB debugging. Go forward and allow it. After giving approval, you may have to run the above command again.

Explore the impressive features of this smart tool

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) comes with a vast amount of abilities. We are going to feature a brief list of the most beneficial features universal ADB driver download provides us.

  • Transferring files

You can simply transfer any file from your phone, or to the phone using ADB. It operates the utilities of ‘push‘ and ‘pull‘ to perform the mentioned task.

  • View Log 

The real-time status of the phone can be accessed using simple commands.

  • Application/Service Uninstall

ADB can be used to uninstall any application on the phone. Yes, you can uninstall pre-installed apps that you don’t use and that make your phone more busy.

  • Application Installation 

If you have the file on your system, you can install it on your phone very quickly. Just a simple code without lengthy procedures or prompts to install the app.

  • Backup

Backup can be created via ADB, it actually has many options. Available/disabled options are:

  • Keep APK files of installed apps
  • Keep OBB (save) files of installed apps
  • Store items on the SD card

Summing up the article

ADB is a powerful tool to help manage and debug the software on your Android or change it completely. By getting this smart universal ADB driver download, you can get unlimited and outstanding features. It also provides some extra features to root your Android device. The best part is you do not have to use annoying USB cables to connect your Android device to your computer. Guess what, you can simply use and set up this smart tool wirelessly. 

So don’t be late anymore, get this trendy tool on your device and enjoy all the experience it offers you. 

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