A Pre-Buy Guide to Get Your First Car Battery: Tips & Tricks

A Pre-Buy Guide to Get Your First Car Battery

If you’re out there to buy your first car battery. Then you’ll need this guide more than anything. Here, we talk about all the basic things you must know before buying a battery. There are many things that you need to look into. Such as the size, type, and extra features of the battery. So join us as we take you on a trip to buy your first Car Battery.

Check What You Already Have

There are a few things that you need to know before you buy your first battery. This helps you make the right choice. Moreover, following these practices will also help you save money.

Annual Battery Tests

If you own a car and a battery already. Then, the best way to keep a battery from running out is yearly tests. So you should take your battery to a professional yearly. This helps you know the life of your battery. It also helps you know about problems that might arise later. The mechanic can also guide you if you’re doing something that harms battery life.

Stay Ready

Staying ready and being proactive helps you in many ways. You can always keep battery problems away by keeping a close eye on how your battery is working. But this calls for you to be very attentive. Only then you will be able to know if there’s some problem. There are many ways through which you can tell if your battery is getting weaker. So note down if your car takes longer or has trouble starting. These little things help you know if your car battery is weak or needs maintenance.

Reuse Your Old Battery

Who doesn’t like saving a buck or two? This is when this trick comes in handy. You can easily reuse your old battery. Reusing a battery doesn’t literally mean reusing it. But you can recycle it by giving the battery back to the provider. Once you turn in the old battery, they’ll give you a new one at a much lower rate. This helps you save money and allows you to get the battery that suits your car.

Make Sure It Fits Your Needs

A battery should be fit to meet the needs of your car and driving. If you have a bigger car, you’d need a bigger battery, and vice versa. If you take shorter trips, you’ll need a battery that suits such driving. So you must keep all the things in mind before you buy a new car battery. Moreover, remember to get the size right, as it is important for fitting. This fitting refers to the terminals getting in line with the clamps. So you need to look for the battery that fits your needs and your car.

Compare Warranties

You can always look for companies that give longer warranties. This means that they have good batteries and trust their product. So it also helps you fix battery problems without the worry of buying a new one. There are two types of warranties that you can get. These are the free replacement and prorated periods. Here, you can either get a new battery or get a part of the money that the battery costs. But remember that poor maintenance voids this warranty. So remember to have the water levels right.

Make Sure You Get a Fresh Battery

Normally, batteries lose their charge if they’re stored for longer times. This makes them discharge. Thus, when you get an old battery, it doesn’t work as well. It might also drain out more quickly. Or you could run into a dead battery suddenly. So make sure to get a battery that’s a maximum of 6 months old. But the newer is better. This will keep you safe from sudden problems.

Additional Features Look For

There are many other perks that you can get with buying a battery. So you aren’t just looking for a good battery. But you’re also looking for a battery that comes with something extra. These little things make your life better. Let’s find out how!

Jump Starter

This is an important thing to carry if you’re a car owner. Having a jump starter in the trunk of your car makes your life easier. But how does it do that? It allows you to jump-start a dead battery without having another battery. So, small portable jump starters are a must-have for any car owner. So remember to look for deals where you can get a battery and a jump starter in one.

A Handle or Loop

A handle might seem like a very small thing when buying a battery. But you can trust our word on it! Having a handle or loop on your car battery makes your life easier. As it helps you carry the battery when you need to. It also helps you lower the battery into the place. Especially if your hood has a tight place, so you’ll need a handle to place the battery in its place.

Trickle Charger (Float Charger)

If you don’t drive much, then this is something that you must have. This is a trickle/float charger. It helps to keep the charge of your battery up. This helps, especially when you leave the battery idle for a long time. Moreover, it also helps if you’re someone who doesn’t drive much. As shorter trips without a longer one can drain the battery faster than it charges.

So, the trickle charger keeps the charge up. But you must be thinking, what happens if it overcharges? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. As these chargers come with an in-built circuit. This helps them power off once your battery reaches the full charge. So remember to get this charger if you drive your car less.

Let’s Drive Off

Now that you know the tricks before buying your first car battery. It is time to get your hands on the best ones from ACDelco Battery. They have the best car batteries in Dubai. But where can you find this battery? Simply visit Central Trading Company in Dubai to get the best deals in town.

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