75 Soft Challenge: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Healthy Habits and Achieving Sustainable Fitness

Where fad diets, quick fixes, and extreme workout regimens are the norms in the fitness landscape. Therefore, finding one sustainable approach to fitness goals can be challenging. There comes the 75 Hard Challengewhich is the transformative program. 

This program is majorly known for its capability to instill discipline, mental toughness, and healthy habits in individuals. Individuals seeking a holistic approach to fitness are the ones who can take this challenge. 

In this article, you can examine every detail about the 75 hard challenge including rules. Moreover, the article includes how it can help in building healthy habits and achieving sustainable fitness

Understanding the 75 Soft Challenge

75 Soft challenge is introduced by the fitness influencer “Stephen Gallagher”. Stephen came up with a TikTok version of this challenge for those who found the 75 Hard Challenge too restrictive.

A clinical dietitian at Hackensack Meridian Health in New Jersey, “Patricia Kolesa, MS, RDN” added in support of this challenge that “I wouldn’t necessarily recommend either version of the 75 Challenge, although the 75 Soft is more flexible”.

75 Soft Challenge is a 75-day commitment to a set of challenging tasks. These tasks aim at boosting cognitive resilience, building physical endurance, and developing a sense of self-discipline. 

75 Soft Challenge Rules

  • Eat Well: While opting for a 75-day soft challenge, there is no specific diet to follow, instead of eating well. This program encourages participants to adopt a balanced eating plan including healthy foods that align with their goals.
  • 45 Minutes Workouts Daily: Engaging in 45-minute workouts each day promotes consistency and helps individuals break through all the physical barriers and conquer their fitness goals. This approach also helps to prevent monotony and improves overall fitness levels.
  • Drink 3 Liters of Water a Day: It is believed that staying sufficiently hydrated is vital for both physical and mental performance. Drinking 3 liters of water daily not only supports and improves bodily functions but also acts as a reminder of commitment to individual health goals.
  • Read 10 Pages: Continuous reading of 10 pages of a book helps a lot in self-improvement. Individuals are advised to read non-fiction books daily as it stimulates the mind and delivers valuable insights for personal growth.

These were the 75 soft rules that need to be followed devotedly to achieve fitness goals. The best part of this challenge is there is no need to take a progress picture. Taking pictures daily is not considered a realistic indicator of physical and mental progress.

Advantage of 75 Soft Challenge 

At first, the physical benefits of this program are evident. One of the major benefits that attract individuals towards this challenge is its power to cultivate mental resilience. 

Engaging in daily tasks encourages participants to push out of their comfort zones and teaches them to embrace discomfort. Once the participants achieve this mental toughness, the challenge extends far beyond fitness as it encourages individuals to tackle life’s challenges with confidence.


Conclusively, the 75 Soft Challenge delivers more than just physical transformations. It’s a journey that provides mental strength, self-discipline, and sustainable fitness. 

Moreover, this program is based on the belief that true fitness extends beyond physical appearance, encompassing mental fortitude and the establishment of healthy habits.

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