3 Unusual Ways Lucida Laminates Elevate Interior Design

Laminates are essentially coverings for surfaces. They are constructed by processing layers of materials together. They are processed under high temperatures and heat, giving them their resilient feature.

Laminates are usually used to cover furnishing, countertops and sometimes even walls. Laminates are very versatile as they come in a variety of colors and patterns which makes it easy to be incorporated into your design aesthetics for your space.

Additionally, they even possess moisture-resistant properties which makes them most suitable for areas with a high relation to moisture and heat. They are even durable, which makes them able to deal with load and pressure.

3 Unusual Ways Lucida Laminates Elevate Interior Design

Laminates are versatile by nature and are thus widely used in interior designing, but they can also be employed in unusual and creative ways. Here are three unusual ways Lucida laminates can be used to elevate your interior design:

1) Accent Walls-

While laminates are usually used on flat surfaces, they can give a textured look and feel to your interior by creating textured accent walls. This can be done by using 3D laminates. 3D laminates mimic the look and feel of metals and other textured surfaces like wood, metal or even stone. This can be done to create a captivating focal point in your interiors.

You can even create accent walls by creating custom patterns that go with your interiors. Geometric shapes or even custom patterns can be added to create a visual interest. By incorporating such ideas, you can create an accent wall which will add depth to your space and create an inviting atmosphere for your home or even office. It adds to the visual interest of an onlooker.

2) Redecorate Your Furniture-

If you are redecorating or even decorating a new space, you can breathe life into your space by giving a new look to your furniture. It gives the same old furniture pieces a new look which will thus create unique and new eye-catching elements for your interior.

If you are opting for a bold contemporary look you can opt for laminates which have bold patterns, textures and metallic finishes. If you want to add vibrancy to your place, you can opt for bold colours and contrasting elements which will make your space pop. This can be done by adding bright colours to table tops or even walls. So, whatever your style may be, the versatile nature of laminates makes it easy to adapt to any kind of interior design.

3) Artwork and Murals:

When using laminates for interior design, it can not only be used for walls and furniture but also to create centrepieces of attraction. You can make use of laminates in such a creative way as to create a unique artwork or mural. This can be done by customising the pattern and prints or using textured laminates to construct a mural which can help grab eyeballs and create visual interest.

Final overview:

In summary, while laminates are used for interior purposes like furniture, you can use creativity by using laminates in an unusual way. By utilising laminates in such an original and out-of-the-box way your place will look modern while adding an element of character.

Lucida laminates specifically have properties which make them shine all day without worrying about dust and dirt. It can be cleaned with just a swipe of your hand and even has Viro kill technology which kills bacteria and viruses making your space healthy and safe.

Using laminates not only gives your space a trendy modern look but at the same time has a variety of advantages like durability, strength and resistance. It even leads to a reduction in overall costs due to its lightweight and ease of transportation.

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