3 Reasons Contractors Prefer CenturyPromise App

Counterfeit plywood production and receiving fake plywood boards from retailers and suppliers have become common in the plywood market these days. Most scammers and dealers of cheap and lower quality plywood often use stickers and logos of trusted brands of plywood, such as ours, CenturyPly, in order to make a certain impression about their products.

Looking into such cases, it has become important to verify and check the authenticity of a given plywood sample. By getting assurance about the true identity and authenticity of a plywood board, better choices about purchasing as well as selling a given plywood board can be made. To help contractors, retailers, suppliers, and customers with the authenticity of a plywood board, we at CenturyPly have curated a special application that helps detect the authenticity of a plywood board by scanning its image by uploading it from your phone’s camera.

Details about our CenturyPromise Application

CenturyPromise App is a mobile application developed by our team at CenturyPly that helps find the true identity of a plywood board by scanning its image. This helps customers, as well as suppliers and retailers, to verify the authenticity of a plywood sample before making a decision to buy it or sell it to a customer.

The mobile application can be downloaded on your smartphone from the application store. The app supports both Android and iOS software versions and is available on both Play Store and App Store. After downloading the application, you need to create an account if you are using it for the first time or log in using your credentials if you are a regular user.

After doing so, you have to upload an image of a plywood product by CenturyPly, and upon doing so, the app immediately detects the unique QR code on the plywood board and detects its authenticity. The results about the plywood authenticity are out in a few seconds of scanning the QR code and help customers as well as suppliers to avoid engaging in dealerships of fake and duplicated plywood.

By detecting the identity of a plywood board, our application helps witness its original identity to avoid issues of counterfeiting or duplication. If a plywood board is a genuine CenturyPly product, then the application issues an authenticity certificate for it, and an update about its genuineness will appear on your mobile screens. Apart from detecting the authenticity of a plywood product, the application also provides details about its specifications, issues an authentic plywood certificate, and also helps download an e-warranty card for the purchased plywood product for consulting it in the future.

Benefits of Using Our Application for Checking Plywood Authenticity

Our application not only detects the authenticity and genuineness of your plywood boards but also helps check plywood quality and durability. Apart from this, it also helps customers stay updated on the latest offers and promotions by CenturyPly on various products.

It also offers various benefits to contractors and suppliers dealing in plywood by providing the following benefits:

  • Assures clients about the authenticity of the plywood board they purchase from a dealer or supplier
  • Helps contractors win an impression of dealing in original and authentic plywood products and avoiding counterfeiting or duplicating original products
  • Helps build the trust of clients by making clean and genuine deals with them by being honest and transparent about their business.
  • It is free of cost and can be downloaded for free on your smartphone
  • Helps identify counterfeit CenturyPly products and take further action by contacting the seller and returning the product, and asking for refunds
  • Relieves the stress regarding being cheated by suppliers and contractors by being handed over cheaper and lower quality fake plywood boards


Counterfeiting of plywood is a real issue, and we, as customers, contractors, or suppliers, should not ignore it. So, come and join us in detecting authentic plywood boards by our company using our plywood authenticity detection application on your phones. Let us make plywood purchasing a hassle-free and smooth process!

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