10 Reputed Criminal Lawyers in Sydney, Australia

When facing legal troubles in Sydney, having the right criminal lawyer by your side can make all the difference. The city boasts a pool of talented legal professionals who are experts in defending their clients’ rights and ensuring a fair trial. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 criminal lawyers in Sydney, each known for their dedication, expertise, and commitment to justice.

Top 10 reputed criminal lawyers in Sydney

Before signing off a contract with a criminal lawyer in Sydney, take a look at these 10 most reputed criminal lawyers in Sydney.

Zynal Khan

Zynal Khan has been at the helm of criminal law practice since the inception of his legal career. He was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. His rise to the top is firmly set on the groundwork he did in various crime farms in Sydney. His expertise and focus are spread throughout all aspects of the crime firm from criminal law, traffic law, and domestic violence law. Currently associated with Greenwich Criminal Lawyers, he is an exceptional communicator and harbours a natural ability to succour practical and realistic solutions throughout the whole legal process.

Robert Smith

Founder of Smith & Associates, Robert Smith is renowned for his relentless pursuit of justice. He has over two decades of experience in criminal defense and carved a reputation for being among Sydney’s league of finest legal minds. Smith’s courtroom prowess and meticulous case preparation have secured numerous acquittals and reduced sentences for his clients.

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson has been a formidable force in Sydney’s legal landscape. A former prosecutor turned defense attorney, she possesses a deep understanding of both sides of the legal system, which along with her years of experience gives her a unique advantage. As for her quality, Anderson’s has a very soothing and compassionate approach towards her clients. But, at the same time, her fierce determination in the courtroom makes her a top choice for those facing criminal charges.

David Harris

Sitting in the third position is David Harris, who has built a sterling reputation as an advocate for justice.  Known for handling and succeeding in successfully defending his clients, he has taken holding against a wide range of criminal charges, from white-collar crimes to violent offenses. Harris’s strategic thinking and persuasive arguments have earned him respect among peers and clients alike.

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Mitchell is known for her unwavering commitment to her clients’ rights. With a focus on criminal defense, she has navigated complex cases with finesse and tenacity. Mitchell’s approachable demeanor and sharp legal acumen make her a go-to choice for individuals seeking a reliable defender.

Michael Turner

Renowned for his immovable dedication towards criminal law, Michael Turner has garnered an image of a trusted figure in Sydney’s legal community. His expertise and portfolio of securing favourable outcomes for clients is a testament to his skills. Turner’s ability to dissect complex legal issues and present compelling arguments has earned him a place among the top criminal lawyers in Sydney.

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker’s reputation as a fierce advocate for her clients precedes her. Her sharp courtroom skills and relentless pursuit of justice have resulted in numerous successful outcomes. Baker’s commitment to defending the accused makes her a standout choice for anyone facing criminal charges.

Andrew Chang

Joining the bandwagon of Sydney’s famed criminal lawyers is Andrew Chang, who has been recognized for his expertise in criminal law and his ability to tailor defense strategies to each client’s unique situation. An astute tactician, His strength lies in his comprehensive understanding of the legal system and compassionate approach towards clients. This has helped him not only carve a name for himself but have won him accolades from both clients and peers.

Rebecca Foster

Rebecca Foster is a well-respected criminal lawyer in Sydney known for her dedication and integrity. Among peers and clients, she is known to possess a knack for building strong defense cases, which ultimately resulted in her to set up a track record of achieving favourable verdicts. Foster’s unwavering commitment to her clients’ well-being sets her apart in the legal community.

Daniel Ward

Daniel Ward’s extensive experience in criminal defense spans over two decades. He is celebrated among both clients and peers for his unwavering commitment to upholding the rights of the accused. This demonstration of his irreplaceable qualities has made him a trusted ally for those in need of legal representation. Ward’s tenacious courtroom presence and legal expertise make him an invaluable asset to his clients.

Things to Look for in a Criminal Lawyer

When choosing a reputed criminal lawyer in Sydney, look out for these factors that can help you streamline your research before you sign off a contract:


The first thing anyone would look into is the portfolio of the criminal lawyer. Check the experience of the lawyer and assess whether or not the lawyer has specific experience in the specific area that your case involves. For example, if your case is about drug charges, then check if the lawyer has direct experience in that kind of case.


Secondly, nobody wants to hire an expensive lawyer. No matter what cost is one of the primary factors when choosing a criminal lawyer. Find an expert who you can afford and offer a flat fee or an hourly rate.


We all want a lawyer who is adept at communication and can keep us informed at every stage. Look for a criminal lawyer in Sydney who is well-versed in communicating clearly and is responsive to your emails and calls. Be also sure to check whether or not the lawyer possesses the ability to explain things in a clear, concise and simple way.


A criminal lawyer is well-respected and should have a reputation to call upon. While choosing this, seek to at least find one of these top 10 criminal lawyers in Sydney who have good reviews and can handle your case with tact and diligence.


Crimes unfold on a daily basis even in the most vibrant of cities and Sydney is not any different to that. However, the city is fortunate to have an array of highly skilled criminal lawyers who are dedicated to defending the rights and liberties of their clients. In this short post, we discussed the top 10 criminal lawyers in Sydney. We also mentioned their expertise, their experience and how each one of them have consistently demonstrated their legal prowess, compassion, and commitment to justice. When facing legal challenges, it is sensible to hire the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.

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