10 Best FPSs That Predate 1993’s Doom

Even though Doom is known as the first first-person shooter, it was not the first game of its kind. Here are the best FPS games that came out before it.

When asked what the first first-person shooter (FPS) was, most players would say that it was Doom from 1993. It’s not a big surprise, since it’s often been wrongly said to be the first game of its kind, but it is the most well-known of the early FPS games.

The truth is that there are a lot more FPS games from the 1990s and even some from the 1970s. Before Doom came out, many other makers had already made games in this style, and many of them did very well. Some of these games have been forgotten, but gamers should remember that there were many other great first-person shooters before Doom.

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